Xi Jinping, the most powerful Chinese leader

In a historic session of the ruling Communist party of China, the members voted on having President Xi Jinping’s name and ideology enshrined in its constitution, an honour which was earlier held only by Mao Zedong, the founder himself. This decision to enshrine his thought in the constitution came after the most important political meeting of China, the Communist Party congress. As per the reporters present on the scene, it was a unanimous decision and when asked about anyone having any issues with it, there was a loud roar of “none”.

Xi going into the annals of Chinese history

Xi has steadily risen to power ever since he assumed office in 2012 and this move has certainly elevated his position and aura. The move means that if there is any dissident against him now, it would be considered as a direct threat to the Communist Party rule and he has absolute power to uphold his thoughts by any action or way he deems feasible.
A lot of previous leaders have had their thinking enshrined in the constitution, but Xi is only the second person who has his thinking assigned a level of “thought” which comes highest in the hierarchy of ideologies. Being called the “Xi Jinping though on socialism with Chinese characteristics for the new era”, this move will make school and college goers as well as staff workers in factories across China study the “thought”, just like the more than ninety million Communist Party members across China.
The move is symbolic as it announces the dawn of a new era in Chinese horizon, one which aims at strengthening China’s ties at home and abroad and also to make it more about unity and wealth. So this is indeed a historic moment for China and for Xi Jinping, who is now about to go down the annals of history.

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