Woman Arrested for Allegedly Raping her 4-Year-Old Son

Woman arrested and charged $350,000 (£282,000) for Allegedly Raping her 4-Year-Old Son.

India Kirksey, a Cincinnati woman has been charged with raping a 4-year-old boy her son last month. The 20 year old mum according to reports, engaged in sexual conduct with the child who is said to be her son live on a social media site ‘Periscope’. Kirksey is charged with forcible rape, according to court documents.

After a vile attack was filmed and broadcast live on Periscope, India Kirksey was charged with raping her four-year-old son. India Kirksey was dragged into court after police said she admitted to performing the sex act on the young child in Cincinnati, the USA.

20-year-old India Kirksey from West Price Hill was arrested after someone watching the live stream more than 1,000 miles away in Texas called the authorities. The judge threw Kirksey behind bars at Hamilton County Jail, setting her bail bond at $350,000 (£282,000).

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