10 Ways To Make More Money

10 Ways We Think You Can Make More Money

There is no specific business you have to do to make money. Bloggers will only give you business ideas they think you can make money from, it may or may not work for you. Forget it even if bloggers tell you 1000 ways to become rich or 20000 ways to make more money. All those tips are just general business ideas they think will work for you.

Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you. You need to find your own way to make money that is the only way for you to make money. The first thing to do is to tell yourself I want to make money. You have to start by believing in yourself and believing in God’s power to bless you.


A lot of people will tell you: “Oh! I worked really hard, I had zeal that is why I am able to make a lot of money today” They always forget to tell you that it is God who will bless you when you work hard and have enough zeal to tell yourself I want to make money. To summarize this if you really want to make more money you need God’s blessings to make wealth, you need to tell yourself I want to make money, you need enough zeal and you need to really work hard.

So today I am giving you only business ideas and tips I think you can make money from; it may work for you and it may not work for you. Do not forget that the first thing you need to do to make more money is to tell yourself “I Want to Make More Money”

1. Freelance

You can be a freelancer. Here is a list of some freelance websites and the services they offer:
1. Mediabistro: is a journalism site it allows freelancers to post profiles of their experience and services.
2. and Threadless:  This freelance websites is mostly for designers, here they can bid on jobs at or submit a design at Threadless, to see if it will be crowdfunded.
3. Fiverr and Elance-Odesk: Elance freelace website lists many freelance opportunities and you can also post your own services on Fiverr.


Although some freelancers say these services create a race to the bottom on fees and so are not very lucrative. If you’re new to freelancing, here’s how to set your rates, and here’s how to negotiate raises with clients.

A small tip: You can ask friends, family and neighbors if they would like to hire you for these services. To be a Coach, a tutor, to clean homes, to give tour of the city you live in, to sell things or be a chef.

2. Coach

If you have enough experience in your field to coach others with their careers, then create a website — or, if you have one, add a section describing what you would offer as a coach. Advertise your services in industry forums and on social media like youtube, facebook, snapchat, instagram and so on. Give new clients a discount or other incentives to refer you.

3. Be a tutor or Teach an online course

Whether for high school students or adults, you can monetize your expertise by teaching people with less experience or knowledge than you in that subject area.


You can work with an established group like Kaplan for, say, SAT tutoring, or you could try hanging out your own shingle and making your services known either to students, parents and schools in your community. If you are targeting adults, you can create your own website or list your services with adult tutoring companies.
If you have an area of expertise, instruct a course through a site like Udemy or Skillshare.

4. Clean homes

Use a service like HomeJoy to find housecleaning opportunities.

5. Show off your talents

I am sure you have got a lot of in built talents show them off on social media, show them off to your friends if they like it you are one step closer to success. If they don’t and you are sure of who you want to become keep posting that should not break you down.

6. Sell things

Do you knit or make jewelry or create letterpress items? Sell your wares on Etsy, Cargoh, Craft Foxes and other such sites. Sell them to your friends on social media too.

7. Be Creative

Think outside the box; think of a new idea you can do to make money. And do not be afraid to fail. Try something new.

8. Follow your heart

Sometimes a lot of us have big dreams  we would like to accomplish but we are often like “I don’t have enough capital for that, I will just forget about it or I will probably do it later”. Please! Please! Do not forget about it and don’t even say you will do it later.


If it is something you really want to do. Even if you do not have enough money prepare yourself for it. Start in a little way you can, you don’t have to start very big. See yourself in it, start acting like you are in it. And do not stop dreaming.

9. Give Tours of Your City

Vayable allows you to guide tours centered around a particular cultural experience. Some members’ offerings include a Paris photography tour and a Queens tastes of the world tour.

10. Be a Chef

If your cooking skills regularly impress family and friends, get paid to create memorable meals for clients with KitchenSurfing.

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