Ventura says Italy will qualify for World Cup, after it’s loss to Spain.

Giampiero Ventura says Italy will qualify for World Cup, after it’s loss to Spain.

Italy’s head coach Giampiero Ventura is “sure” Italy will qualify for next year’s World Cup in Russia, despite the country’s disappointing loss to Spain.

On Saturday night Italy was beaten 3-0 by Spain. At Spain that night Italy crashed to their first tournament qualifying defeat in 56 games.

Giampiero Ventura – Italy’s Head Coach.

“When the group was drafted, we knew that for the first time only the winner would qualify,” Ventura said ahead of Tuesday’s visit of fourth-placed Israel.

“Of course, if you’re not top seed and you play against Spain, you have to concede that you will probably have to go through the play-offs. Actually, that’s what almost everyone thought at that time. We did a good job in getting tied to this game. We did not do a good job on Saturday, and Spain deserved to win.

“We will go through the play-off, but we’re sure that we will qualify for the World Cup. I agree with [Italian Football Federation president Carlo] Tavecchio, not going to the World Cup will be very bad. But we’re not thinking about it now, we’re just going to think about the game with Israel, we need to win to qualify for the play-offs.”

“I believe if we had played them in November it would have been different. Maybe we would have lost anyway, but we would have been at the same level of preparation. Not the same level of qualities, of course. I also believe if we would play Spain at the World Cup, after the right amount of preparation, we would play a different game.”

Will this be true for Italy? Well! Time will tell.

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