Ukraine based praise/worship minister ‘Emellance’ releases his new single titled – ‘Praise’.

Ukraine based praise/worship minister ‘Emellance’ releases his new single titled – ‘Praise’.

Malle Emellance has released a brand new energetic single titled – ‘Praise’ featuring a fellow Ukraine based music minister – Psalmist DMD. Emellance is a Cameroonian and also a praise and worship minister who is currently based in Kharkov, City Ukraine.

The single – ‘Praise’ is a fine blend of French and English praise songs guaranteed to get you moving, dancing and praising God. Speaking on the single, Emellance shared – ”This is a song every worship team should add to their repertoire!!!”

Malle Emellance.

The single praise was produced by Doctors of Music (D.O.M) a dynamic trio, made up of Dr. John Kusiga (aka Jbenmusic), Olaleye Babatunde Bolaji (aka Bstixxx) and Dr. Daniel Dase popularly know as Psalmist DMD. Doctors of Music (D.O.M) is the producing team for Antidote live concert; the biggest interracial and inter-denominational concert in Ukraine.

Psalmist DMD.

Psalmist DMD is a vocal coach and music director with an in-depth knowledge of the roles each sound plays in a mix.

Dr. John Kusiga (aka Jbenmusic).

Dr. John Kusiga (aka Jbenmusic) plays numerous instrument and a keen arranger with a smooth ear for innovative music.

Olaleye Bolaji (aka Bstixxx).

Bstixxx is one of the most skilled and well refined drummers in Ukraine with a fantastic sense of rhythms and groove. Recently wowing listeners with his latest series of drummer covers of songs.

It must be pointed out that the production of the song “PRAISE” was flawless very creative and stylishly presented. It was a great collaboration and the production definitely brought forth a master piece.

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