Top African Makeup Artists in Ukraine

Top African Makeup Artists in Ukraine.

Almost every woman likes to wear makeup, some do it when they have special occasions and others wear it almost everyday. Today we will show you a list of top African makeup artists in Ukraine touching and beautifying the faces of these beautiful women in Ukraine.


Aanuoluwa Akinsanya known as FACESBYAANU is a 4th year medical student at Vinnytsya National Medical University. Aanuoluwa Akinsanya resides in Lagos, Nigeria but studies in Vinnytsya Ukraine. This African make-up artist Aanuoluwa Akinsanya known as FACESBYAANU is also a beauty blogger here is a link to her blog “”.

Meet Aanuoluwa Akinsanya FACESBYAANU.

FACESBYAANU said: “My love for make up started a while back about 4 years ago, a friend asked to give it a try so I did and I loved it. I am a self taught make-up artist. I learned by watching YouTube videos and practicing a lot. I look up to so many make up artists like Jackie aina , Toni Olaoye and patrickstarr just to mention a few.”

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“What keeps me going as a makeup artist is how happy people feel after I’m done making them up and how much fun I have doing it.”

Thanks to our client @miss_shesis we love you 😘 😍😍😍😍

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“As a makeup artist I’ve been able to build my brand and I’ve gotten so much more confident at putting myself out there. I had the opportunity to be the make-up artist for MISS AFRICA VINNYTSYA UKRAINE, which was a great experience.”

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“In the future I do look forward to having my own cosmetic and skincare brand the whole 9 yards . I just want to encourage someone to go for it. Don’t be intimidated, beat the status quo! Be different and there is more than enough room for everyone.”

Whitney Wilson

Whitney Wilson is a fourth year medical student at V.N KARAZIN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. The first born in a family of three children.

Whitney says: “MAKE-UP is something I have always been curious and passionate about. I started doing makeup non-officially since 2013, randomly just on friends and family basically, on occasion for birthdays, graduations and so on.

See Whitney on her makeup below:


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“I cant really say when or why i decided to focus on makeup, i just know i really love makeup..Sometimes i just see myself buying makeup products i don’t need, am sure it happens to a lot of us, I just love to see the genuine transformation from natural to glam so quick… You can be able to create so many beautiful looks with just one plain canvas,, i find it fascinating, and also i just love how happy and confident, beautiful it makes people.”

Makeup done by Whitney Wilson.

“The major challenge i can say about what i have observed and know about being a make up artist is lack of time to really focus mainly because of school. It is really difficult or going to be difficult combining school and being a make up artist because being a make up artist requires a lot of time, patience and creativity and that has been what has restricted me into fully being an official makeup artist.”


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Whitney says her family accepts her doing makeup if it does not affect her school works: “I already have my family’s support as long as school doesn’t gets neglected.”

“Here is what Whitney said to encourage anyone who wants to be a makeup artist: “The major thing i can say to anyone trying to be a make up artist is to be determined and have a lot patience and hard-work too because as they say hard work really pays.”

She further said: “And to never stop practicing, because as you keep practicing, it gets easier and it becomes almost perfect, there’s no right or wrong. And also try to get the exact look your client wants or make sure they are comfortable and satisfied with the finished look.”

“Don’t let anyone try to discourage you especially when they say everyone wants to be a makeup artist, but if it is something you really have passion for then don’t let anyone to stop you.”

Elarosemakeover or Elarose

Emmanuela Onyinye Udemba is a second year medical student of Zaporozhye State Medical University, the first child from a family of seven. Emmanuela’s father is from Anambra, Nigeria and her mother from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

Meet makeup aritist ElaRose or Elarosemakeover.

“My interest for makeup began in 2015 (summer break). I didn’t go back to Nigeria, so I wanted to make good use of the break. I would come across some makeup videos on YouTube and I liked the transformation I was seeing, so I took it upon myself to watch as many makeup videos I could in a day.”

Makeup done by ElaRose.

“Before then, I never knew anything about makeup, the only makeup i knew was powder and lipgloss ( I was practically an amateur in that field) and this was because my mum never showed any interest in makeup, I just took after her.”‘

Makeup done by ElaRose.

“After watching a couple of videos, I started practicing on myself, though the outcomes were funny and crazy but I still kept pushing. First year of uni started and watching at least one video a day became a daily routine, I also started practicing on my friends and from there I improved.”

“My makeup career officially started in September 2016 with it’s name ‘ElaRose Makeover’. I didn’t have a specific reason why I wanted to do makeup, but as I said earlier, I just wanted to make good use of the summer break and LOVE happened.”

Makeup done by ElaRose.

“Motivation for me comes from the feedbacks i get from clients, family, supportive friends and other good makeup works I come across. The most important thing that keeps me going as a makeup artist is the fact that my clients love and appreciate what I do. I’ve provided my services to all the contestants that participated in ‘Miss Culture Ukraine 2016’, I’ve worked with Miss culture 2015, also worked with Miss culture 2016, I’ve worked with a bride from the US, worked with a lot of ladies in my city and I hope to work with other people pretty soon.”

Makeup done by ElaRose.

“I feel good making ladies up, just being able to change someone’s look makes me feel accomplished. One major challenge as a makeup artist in Ukraine is finding it difficult to purchase makeup brands for women of color as they are not made available.”

“As a student, combining makeup and uni has not been so easy, but I still try to deliver the best. I get good comments and appreciation not only from the ladies but from the gents and also photographers.”

Makeup done by ElaRose.

“In the future, I hope to learn more about makeup, to be able to work in line with makeup trends as it advances and to grow rapidly.
My advice goes out to those who are aspiring to become makeup artists,
1. If you love it and have passion for it, do it. 2. Practice makes perfect(learn new tips everyday). 3. Do not entertain negative vibes if you want to grow. 4. Learn to be calm, understanding, patient and tolerant as you do not personally know many people you’ll be working with. 5. Just do you! Follow me on IG: @elarosemakeover: @airmarh”


Nneka Ezeanya is a 21 year old Nigerian makeup artist and a third year nursing student studying at Ternopil State Medical University Ukraine.

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Here is what Makeupbynneka said about how she began her makeup career: “I started doing makeup non-officially in July 2014 and officially at the last months of the year 2015. My makeup journey began because i really wanted to know what i was good at and by God’s grace i discovered myself. It took loads and lots of practicing for me to get to where i am today.”

“Being a makeup artist has it’s pros and cons but what really keeps me going is the reaction and expression of gratitude from every client i encounter. The happiness and joy that radiates through them is basically my motivation.
As a makeup artist, ive organized different makeup seminars, masterclasses and i’ve also been privileged to work in music videos, weddings and fashion shows with some amazing individuals.”

Beauty Enhancement 💯💕💞 Insta makeup tutorial for my natural and simple queens👸🏽✨ @somicharles ____________________________________ EYES: @malvacosmetics eyebrow pencil in 004 ; @lagirlcosmetics pro concealer in chestnut and fawn ; @urbandecaycosmetics naked 1 eyeshadow palette ; @morphebrushes 35O eyeshadow palette; @nyc liquid eyeliner ; @sleekmakeup mascara _____________________________________ FACE: @revlon colorstay foundation in caramel and cappucino; @lagirlcosmetics pro concealer in fawn ; @blackopalbeauty suede mocha stick foundation ; @bennyemakeup banana setting powder ; @blackopalbeauty medium deluxe setting powder ; @anastasiabeverlyhills rivieria illuminator ; @nyxcosmetics matte finishing spray _____________________________________ LIPS : @colourpopcosmetics limbo; @sleekmakeup petal lipstain #makeupbynneka #makeup #makeupartist #mua #wakeupandmakeup #makegirls #makegirlz #makeupbyme #makeupbyjaytee #darkskinmakeup #transformation #makeupjunkie #makeupartistsworldwide #wedvo #melaninbeautiesunite #makeupforblackwomen #makeupmelanin #b4evabeauty#makeupformelaningirls #blackgirlmagic #makeupwoc #fakeupfix #beautynbrushes #juliekay #naijabestmua #hairnbeautydirectory

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“One of the major challenges I encountered as an upcoming makeup artist here in Ukraine was finding makeup products for my melanin queens but with time I got a hang of it.”

“Been a makeup artist and a medical student is just about prioritizing and scheduling your time properly. Basically having a calendar and a schedule book will keep you on track.”

Creating a look without incorporating glitters seems difficult for me these days✨✨😂😂 Insta Makeup Tutorial💋💞💕🌴🌴 DEETS: @lagirlcosmetics black gel liner @morphebrushes 35o eyeshadow palette @revlon colorstay caramel foundation @lagirlcosmetics fawn pro concealer @blackopalbeauty medium deluxe powder @anastasiabeverlyhills Riveria illuminator @maccosmetics flat put fabulous lipstick Brushes: @morphebrushes and @sedonalace Song: Fifth Harmony- work from home #makeupbynneka #makeup #makeupartist #mua #wakeupandmakeup #makegirls #makegirlz #makeupbyme #makeupbyjaytee #darkskinmakeup #transformation #makeupjunkie #makeupartistsworldwide #wedvo #melaninbeautiesunite #makeupforblackwomen #makeupmelanin #b4evabeauty#makeupformelaningirls #blackgirlmagic #makeupwoc #fakeupfix #beautynbrushes #juliekay #naijabestmua #hairnbeautydirectory

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Makeupbynneka advises upcoming makeup artists: “My word of advice for any makeup lover or upcoming makeup artists is just to keep on going, practicing and step out of your comfort zone. And also dont see anyone as a competition because i know we makeup artists are everywhere “lol😂” but see that as a motivation to be the very best at what you do. Practicing and dedication is basically all you need to perfect your craft. ‘If you wanna be the very best at what you do, obsessing is a necessity'”


As a makeup artist Adedire Adetoun is known as Detounified or “@detounified”, Adedire Adetoun is a 6th year medical student of V.N Karazin National University.

See makeup artist Adedire Adetoun also known as Detounified in the picture below:


Detounified said: “I started make-up unofficially around march 20, 2016. I then, officially started my make-up business on april 3rd 2016.”

Makeup done by Detounified

Detounified further said that: “I love cosmetics generally and I’ve always wanted to have my own cosmetic brand, so I decided to start as a makeup artist to learn about different products and effects on skin, also to know the professional application of these products. Later on I’ll attend a cosmetology school and be trained as a beauty entrepreneur.”

“My future goal is to grow a large cosmetic brand. I look up to brands like M.A.C, makeup forever and L’Oreal. I have a vision and I see where I desire to be in the future, that’s my motivation.”


“I enjoy my job as a makeup artist, I get to appreciate the details and variations of individual facial structures, God’s masterpiece. Also the “surprised” look I get from my clients after their transformation is just interesting.”

“My major challenge is editing pictures, because the makeup looks so good I want to make sure the pictures do it justice. Also, combining my business with school isn’t very easy, especially for me now in my final year. I just usually trust God to guide me in wisdom and right planning.”

“My priority is to satisfy my clients (few pictures are below). So far, I’ve been receiving great feedbacks from my clients. Some would even buy me gifts just as a “thank you”. I usually feel so encouraged to put in my best continuously, I appreciate every one of my Clients.”

“My advice to other aspiring makeup artists is simple “If you love it , go for it” be persistent and perfect your craft. To see more of my works you can add me up on Instagram- @detounified , facebook- Adetoun Adedire”


Fasinu Priscillia is a 5th year medical student of V.N Karazin Kharkiv national university, Ukraine. Prissie (as she is mostly called) is from a family of four. She is a native of Lagos state (badagry).

Meet Fash_Prissie

Fash_Prissie says: “If I’m to describe myself, I’d say I’m a fun-loving, unpredictable, self-motivated person.”

Fash_Prissie talks about when she began doing makeup: “I started doing makeup on myself as far back as I can remember (even if I wasn’t so good at it).but officially, I’d say I started doing makeup in 2013 after going to a makeup school (tints BEAUTY PRO SCHOOL) OWNED by Lamide ojo

Fash_Prissie tells us why she decided to be a makeup artist: “I wouldn’t say I decided to be a Makeup artist, it just happened that my university at that time had accreditation issues and since my parents didn’t want me to stay idle, they advised I learn a Handcraft. plus I used to be an ardent reader of makeup blogs like That Igbo chick, Makeup tales, Stella’s addiction, dammyrouge and I remember I liked the whole makeup enhancement/transformation paparazzi. (so let’s just say all these put together, influenced my decision to go to a makeup school).”

Fash_Prissie says her motivation: “Aside family and amazing friends and clients I’ve been blessed with, I’d say one thing that motivates me is the fact that I know I can always be better, that’s why I’m constantly working on myself, challenging myself and believing in myself.”

Heyyy there Gorgeous 😍 #GradGlam #FineWine #QueenethForTheWin💕

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Fash_Prissie talks about how it feels like for her working as a makeup artist with people in Ukraine: “I won’t say it’s been all rosy working in Ukraine, but one thing has been constant, ‘God’s faithfulness’ and also thanks to amazing clients and business brands who make its all worth it.”

Fash_Prissie tells her challenge as a makeup artist in Ukraine: “The major challenge would definitely be not being able to walk into any drugstore to get makeup products for W.O.C (but the good thing is that we now have few online stores that cater to dark skin women).”

And how she is able to combine makeup artistry with school: ” Well, let’s just say I try not to get too carried away and then forget my sole purpose for being in this country.”


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Also the remarks she got from people about the makeup she does: “To be honest, it’s been amazing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the smile on my clients’ faces when I’m done working on them, plus when they refer other clients, pure blisssss…”

Fash_Prissie says her parents are cool with her doing makeup and advises aspiring makeup artist: “My advice to any aspiring makeup artist/ makeup enthusiast would be ‘you shouldn’t stop learning, keep investing in yourself and craft’ and always remember to be your own kind of beautiful.

You can find Fash_Prissie on: Facebook- fash priscillia. Instagram- fash_prissie. Twitter- fash_prissie. Snapchat- fash_prissie. Email- [email protected]

Euodóo Beauty

Doyinsola Adebayo is a makeup artist and the CEO of Euodóo Beauty. Doyinsola Adebayo is a 2nd year Anesthesiology resident in Zaporoz and the first Child of her parents. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and grew up there, although she is originally from Ogun State.

Fabfie 👄

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Doyinsola says: “Makeup for me began as a passion. Started ‘fondling’ with makeup in high school. Officially… can’t say but I decided to take it more seriously mid last year. I’m driven by my love for creativity, art and beauty.”

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“My major accomplishment is my growth so far. Not being where I was a couple of years ago is so fulfilling.”

Makeup done by EudooBeauty.

“I’ve had the privilege to work with a fashion and clothing line for their lookbook , a couple of style shoots, worked with runway models amongst others. Looking forward to more. I get the most surreal feeling when I’m doing a client’s makeup,.. the best part is in the reaction when they first get to glance at the mirror. It’s indescribable the sort of joy I experience at that moment.”

“Can’t say I’ve really had any form of challenge in Ukraine. My major challenge used to be believing that I had more than enough to make it happen.”

Makeup done by EudooBeauty.

She also said that: “Combining Makeup and the Medical career in Ukraine isn’t so much of a challenge giving the fact that it isn’t so tedious to study medicine here. Like I said earlier… the reaction after I’m done with the ‘magic’ is almost always more than I anticipated it to be..”

Makeup done by EudooBeauty.

“The future is my playground, where I can have the best of both worlds….The OR and the Studio. Truth is… whatever your dream is, it’s not too absurd or inappropriate. Make it happen!!”

Ayomide Kolawole

Kolawole Ayomide Henrietta is a 5th year medical student of the prestigious V.N Karazin National University. She is a Nigerian from Osun state, and the only girl amidst three graceful young men in a family of six.

Meet Ayomide Kolawole.

Ayomide says: “I’m a Jesus lover and everything about Him thrills me. I consider myself a people person, simple and easy going. Singing is a part of my life as it came naturally, but I thrive to get better on a daily basis. Makeup is another hobby I have grown to enjoy.

Makeup done by Ayomide Kolawole.

“I’ve always had a thing for makeup right from my highschool days (probably because I grew up watching my aunt apply makeup almost everyday) but I was never privileged to attend any formal training to improve my knowledge nor grow my passion about it, so I resolved at self-training. I did this for years by watching few makeup videos and following makeup blogs (with terrible internet service), until I was privileged to travel out of Nigeria in January of 2013 where I eventually had free internet access to uninterrupted video streaming.”

“There and then, I realized I still had a long way to go and so much more to learn. It got all confusing at first, because there were so many tools and makeup brushes used in youtube videos, so I had to study through and resolved in my heart I was going to learn from scratch and get better at it.”

Makeup done by Ayomide Kolawole.

“I grew from watching videos alone and started applying my little knowledge of makeup on friends for free and as time went by, I challenged myself to move from my comfort zone and got referrals to my first few customers. This in itself improved my confidence and skill because it did not take long for me to realize it’s different makeup style for different face types and skin tones.”

“So I would have studied my client’s face and have a mental picture of how I will love the makeup to turn out way before they are seated.”

Makeup done by Ayomide Kolawole.

“Fast-forward to 2016, I got nominated to be amongst the makeup artists that would glam up runway models at the Miss Africa Ukraine Contest, so each makeup artist was assigned to a contestant. I reluctantly took the offer because I didn’t think I was ready to take up a challenge of that magnitude since her (the contestant) winning was solely dependent on everything she looked/appeared like. I prayed about it and told God I wanted this, told my friends as well. Everyone encouraged me to go for it, so I did.”

Makeup done by Ayomide Kolawole.

“I won the competition and so did my contestant (Haifa Yasser) I couldn’t contain my joy, there and then I was officially certified a makeup artist. Quality they say dont advertise itself, as the competition created a huge platform for me.”

“Immediately after the competition, calls started rolling in, new and old clienteles booked in their numbers for a session with me which almost got overwhelming at some point, but I was extremely grateful I have been able to master my craft and my hardwork eventually paid off. All these happened so fast but I had no official name, so I resolved to my instagram handle (@mz_mannie04). But I will be re-branding very soon and officially have a business name.”

“I have been privileged to makeup for a lot of people with different skin tones here in Ukraine.”

I see myself growing in this beautiful craft of bringing smile to faces and achieving much more by God’s special grace. My advice to aspiring makeup artists will be to believe in yourself, improve on yourself and be committed for where opportunity meets preparation, success is inevitable!!

See Makeup done by jasmines_glam

Joy also known as jasmines_glam is another good makeup artist and a 3rd year medical student in lviv, Ukraine. Joy is 21years old. She started officially as a makeup artist about a year ago and non-officially like three years ago.

Jasmines_glam says her motivation as a makeup artist: “Part of the people that inspired me to go into makeup was my sister who is also a makeup artist..after some time her passion rubbed off on me…i really love makeup to be honest..peoples reaction when u transform them is priceless…”

Jasmines_glam talks about how she almost gave up on her career as a makeup artist: “At some point i wanted to just give up on the whole makeup thing because alot of people were into it..but then i thought “they can handle one more…am trying to improve taking more pictures of my work because i hardly do that..”

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Jasmines_glam gives some words of encouragement to anyone who loves to become a makeup artist: “there is enough space for everyone at the top, just because alot of people are out here doing same thing doesnt mean u cant still excel”❤️..

See Makeup done by Folawe_

See Folawemimo Arogundade also known as @Folawe_ in this picture below:

Makeup done by Folawe_


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