Top African hairstylists or hairdressers in Ukraine

Top African Creative hairstylists or hairdressers in Ukraine.

All these hairstylists mentioned below are really working hard in their line of business. The captivating thing is that they are all students in Ukraine; a country located in Eastern Europe. They are doing their best to make sure that Africans in Ukraine look stunning and beautiful. You can see them below:


Isiorhovoja Blessing a Nigerian and third year Medical student who lives and studies in Zaporizhia, Ukraine is the founder of Bees_Haircellency. Bees_Haircellency founder is an African hairstylist in the city of Zaporozhye who offers services such as braids, fixing, crochet, wig making and many other hair styling.

  • CEO of Bees_Haircellency
  • Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 1
  • Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 2
  • Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 6
  • Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 7
  • Hair made by Bees_Haircellency
  • Hair made by Bees_Haircellency3
  • Hair made by Bees_Haircellency4
  • Wig made by Bees_Haircellency
CEO of Bees_Haircellency1 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 12 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 23 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 64 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency 75 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency6 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency37 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency48 Hair made by Bees_Haircellency59 Wig made by Bees_Haircellency10
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Bees_Haircellency says: “I strive to make hair experience as unique and memorable as you are. I try to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas by keeping up with latest ongoing trends.”

Isiorhovoja Blessing the CEO of Bees_Haircellency.

“I started making hair when I got to Ukraine and it has never gotten in the way of my studies.. Making people look good is good business” Isiorhovoja Blessing the CEO of Bees_Haircellency said.

Where to find Bees_Haircellency

Contact: +380632839896
Facebook: Isiorhovoja Blessing
Instagram: bee_haircellency


Adigwe Augustina a Nigerian also a medical student studying in Zaporozhye, Ukraine is the CEO of TINA’S TOUCH. TINA’S TOUCH has this popular slogan “YOUR LOOK MY WORK”.

  • CEO of Tina's Touch
  • Hair styled by Tina's Touch
  • Hair styled by Tina's Touch1
  • Hair styled by Tina's Touch2
  • Hair styled by Tina's Touch3
  • Hair styled by Tina's Touch4
  • Hair styled by Tina's Touch5
  • Hair styled by Tina's Touch7
CEO of Tina's Touch1 Hair styled by Tina's Touch2 Hair styled by Tina's Touch13 Hair styled by Tina's Touch24 Hair styled by Tina's Touch35 Hair styled by Tina's Touch46 Hair styled by Tina's Touch57 Hair styled by Tina's Touch68 Hair styled by Tina's Touch79
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Adigwe Augustina is an African hairstylist in the city of Zaporozhye. The founder of TINA’S TOUCH refers to herself as a working mobile, she often visit her clients in the evening, at weekends and during the day to style their hair.

TINA’S TOUCH says: “I can visit you in the comfort of your homes and am very flexible with the times that I work”

CEO of Tina’s Touch.

“‘MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING’. It seems like this interesting statement goes against what almost everyone in today’s society thinks. The passion you have for something and the zeal to do something is what keeps you going, not the money you get from it.” The founder of TINA’S TOUCH says.

“The most important thing to me is making people feel good and be confident in their look. To be a great hairstylist, doesn’t start in one day, it takes diligence, perseverence and hardwork. Hairstyling is a key element of current fashion.

CEO of Tina’s Touch.

TINA’S TOUCH says: “The most important person a woman should have next to her of course is her hairstylist. Invest in your hair ladies, you wear it everyday and it is the crown you never take off…”

Getting prepared for a big night, special occasion or just to treat your hair? Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or a big night out TINA’S TOUCH can visit you in your home to professionally style your hair so that you can look your best for a wide variety of occasions.

Where to find TINA’S TOUCH

Contact: +380635894538.

d_m_d’s haven

Adebusuyi Annetta a.k.a dat_multitalented_doc the CEO of “d_m_d haven” is from Nigeria and a medical student who studies and lives in Kharkov, Ukraine, Adebusuyi annetta by statistics and testimonies is rated the most talented and affordable saloonist and make-up artist in Kharkov, Ukraine.

CEO of d_m_d haven

“d_m_d haven” offers services such as hair fixing, braiding, fixing Nails of all sort, fixing eyelashes, makeup, tutorials on making hair, tutorials on make-up, sales of hair products and make-up and so on.

Makeup done by d_m_d’s haven.

The CEO of “d_m_d haven” says: “I try as much as I can to satisfy my clients.. And I try to never disappoint them when it comes to keeping to appointments. Lastly I actually pray for them tooūüėä”

  • CEO of d_m_d haven picture 2
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven 2
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven3
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven4
  • CEO of d_m_d haven picture 3
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven5
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven6
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven7
  • CEO of d_m_d haven picture 1
  • Hair styled by d_m_d's haven8
  • Makeup and hair done by d_m_d's haven2
  • Makeup done by d_m_d's haven
  • jquery carousel
  • CEO of d_m_d haven picture
CEO of d_m_d haven picture 21 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven 22 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven3 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven34 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven45 CEO of d_m_d haven picture 36 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven57 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven68 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven79 CEO of d_m_d haven picture 110 Hair styled by d_m_d's haven811 Makeup and hair done by d_m_d's haven212 Makeup done by d_m_d's haven13 Makeup done by d_m_d's haven314 CEO of d_m_d haven picture15
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Where to find d_m_d’s haven

Instagram acct: @dat_multitalented_doc.
Contact: +380933064790.


Classiqueunisexsaloon is owned by George a Nigerian and a fourth year medical student who studies in Kharkov University of Radioelectronics. Classiqueunisexsaloon owner popularly known as George styles both male and female hair.

CEO of Classiqueunisexsaloon popularly known as George.

He is also Crazeclown’s hairstylist, Crazeclown is a popular African comedian who lives and studies in Ukraine. Recently George styled Falzthebahdguy when he came for “theGoodtheMadandtheFunny” show hosted by Crazeclown in Kharkov, Ukraine.

See what Classiqueunisexsaloon said when he was done: “Touch for the king ūüĎĎ @falzthebahdguy #TheGoodTheMadTheFunny”

See some more works from Classiqueunisexsaloon. See what Classiqueunisexsaloon said to one of his clients: “Dr. @princess_nzeako looking stunning for her graduation yesterday. Hair laid by @classiqueunisexsaloon. Congrats again on your accomplishments #Doctorofmedicine”

Here is another picture of Classiqueunisexsaloon’s client below, the hair was made by George:

Hair style made by Classiqueunisexsaloon.

Where to find Classiqueunisexsaloon

Contact: +380937259611.
Instagram: classiqueunisexsaloon.

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