Top African Fashion designers and Clothing brands in Ukraine

See the top African Fashion designers and Clothing brands making history in Ukraine.

African Fashion designers in Ukraine are now at the top of their game. They are quite much in number; majority of them are students but they have been able to prove to their customers, that they have the ability to make them look stunning and attractive for every of their various occasions.

You can see all these top African Fashion designers in Ukraine and their clothing brands. For African wears and English dresses you love to make. See Below for a list of them:

O’DID designs

O’DID designs was found by Oladejo Oladoyin, a young medical student in Ukraine. Who loves God and believes nothing happens without the knowledge of God. O’DID designs started in April 2013.

Oladejo Oladoyin says: “When I got to Ukraine and I saw the need for a Tailor by African students and I decided to meet the need by using my knowledge in tailoring.”

“With time I learnt more and decided to take it further by creating my own brand name and designing outfits so I started officially in September 2014.”

  • All made by Odid designs
  • By O'DID designs
  • By Odid designs
  • CEO of O'DID designs
  • Dress made by O'DID designs
  • Made by O'DID designs
  • slider
  • Oladejo Oladoyin
All made by Odid designs1 By O'DID designs2 By Odid designs3 CEO of O'DID designs4 Dress made by O'DID designs5 Made by O'DID designs6 Made by Odid designs7 Oladejo Oladoyin8 by v8.7

O’DID designs says: “At O’DID designs, we make outfits based on the request of our clients just as they want it majorly female clothings (we also have male clients). And yes, we teach people how to sew, our second set of students are on now. To my clients, students, intending clients and students, thank you for trusting O’DID designs. We are here to keep you classy in that dream outfit of yours.”

How to find O’DID designs

Contact: +380934227854
E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: odid_designs
Facebook: Odid designs

Olenors by OLASIJI

Olenors by OLASIJI is another top fashion brand in Ukraine, it is founded by OLASIJI. Olenors by OLASIJI makes classy and sophisticated suits for men. Olenors once said: “I always tell clients its nothing different from what you have seen..ild just give u a different perspective to the same thing..wait to see what these look like wen done. O L E N O R S is an attitude not a product”


See pictures of some designs from Olenors by OLASIJI and what Olenors by OLASIJI said about it’s classy designs below:

“its just a different angle…still OLENORSโ™ ๏ธ”

“its still just as good as old as it is…style never diminishes.. . O L E N O R S by Olรกsรญji”



‘WearDela’ is a unisex clothing brand which is mainly interested in the youth and its vibrant culture. ‘WearDela’ makes it a point to always show off some beautiful pieces of our African culture and style. The founder of ‘weardela’ is a 19 year Ghanaian model Priscilla Dela Anku. Priscilla Dela Anku is a second year medical student of Kharkiv National Medical University in Ukraine.

Priscilla Dela Anku the CEO of wear dela.

Priscilla Dela Anku says: “WearDela is a step I took towards my fashion goal of having a successful clothing line. It all began in 2012 during my senior high school year in Ghana, where I had some lessons in textile and clothing. It developed a great desire in me to make clothes. Finally in 2016 I started working on actualizing my sketches and this is how far the Lord has brought me.”

  • CEO of wear dela
  • Design from wear dela
  • Designed by wear dela
  • Dress made by wear dela
  • Made by wear dela
  • Made by 'wear dela'
  • Priscilla Dela Anku CEO of wear dela
  • Wear dela
CEO of wear dela1 Design from wear dela2 Designed by wear dela3 Dress made by wear dela4 Made by wear dela5 Made by 'wear dela'6 Priscilla Dela Anku CEO of wear dela7 Priscilla Dela Anku8 Wear dela9 by v8.7

“What makes ‘weardela’ outstanding is the attention we give to our clients needs and details. For now ‘WearDela’ does shipping only within Ukraine, but in the incoming year, we plan to broaden our scale. To make orders from within Ukraine, one must pre-order by sending an email to: [email protected]

“I would like to tell our lovely viewers that, it only takes the first bold step to achieving your dreams and also remember to do nothing but Believe!”

How to find ‘WearDela’

E-mail: [email protected]
Instagram: weardela


Dayek_Dayek is a unisex clothing company that specializes in making English dresses for both men and women. In the year 2016 Dayek_Dayek won the award ‘Designer of the year 2016’ from Miss Africa Ukraine.

The Brand !

A post shared by Dayek (@dayek__dayek) on


Here is what Dayek_Dayek said about winning the award: ” Designer of the year 2016 – Dayek ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ !! A very big thank you to Miss Africa Ukraine and to you all that voted. Keep supporting the brand, this is just the beginning. #Dayek #Dayekthebrand #stylebyDayek #designeroftheyear2016″


Below are some pictures of Dayek_Dayek designs and interesting things Dayek_Dayek said about it’s unique and outstanding designs:

“Made&StyledByDayek for Cosef 2016 !! Everything Dayek. #classics”

Made&StyledByDayek for Cosef 2016 !! Everything Dayek. #classics

A post shared by Dayek (@dayek__dayek) on

“Pictures from the second location Dayek Days Of Fashion Lviv (Citadel Hotel ) . Repost !! Designer – @dayek__dayek MUA – @makeupbynneka, @iam3nny Photographer – @victor_enas Location – Citadel hotel… Lviv city, Ukraine #Dayek #streetfashion #DayekEverywhere #style #fashiontour”

“2 piece pants set by Dayek for (DDF LVIV) #stylebyDayek”

2 piece pants set by Dayek for (DDF LVIV) #stylebyDayek

A post shared by Dayek (@dayek__dayek) on

“Check for more details”


D.O.T Creations

D.O.T creations portfolio has rich elegant fashion statement with novelty, hues and originality. D.O.T creations is owned by a young fashion designer and a medical student called Osho Oluwadamilola. In her own words she talks about fashion saying: โ€œmodesty is being fashionable.โ€

Meet Osho Oluwadamilola the CEO of D.O.T Creations

Osho Oluwadamilola the CEO/creative director of D.O.T creations, creates a fashion label that specializes in both bespoke and ready to wear outfits for ladies who place high values on the principles of fashion, fit and affordability.

  • Another dress made by dot creations
  • CEO of dot creations
  • Design by dot creations
  • Designed by dot creations
  • dot creations design
  • Dress made by dot creations
  • bootstrap carousel
  • Styled by dot creations
Another dress made by dot creations1 CEO of dot creations2 Design by dot creations3 Designed by dot creations4 dot creations design5 Dress made by dot creations6 Made by dot creations7 Styled by dot creations8 by v8.7

D.O.T Creations also has a training program for aspiring designers and those intending to develop their skill in fashion designing.

How to find D.O.T Creations

Instagram: dot_creations
Email : [email protected]

Magnum Apparel

Magnum Apparel is another top clothing brand in Ukraine; soon to partner with a sister Brand called *SULTAN by MagnumApparel.

Magnum Apparel makes shirts, sweaters and clothes with it’s brand name on it. Magnum Apparel says: “Class is always found in simplicity… #magnum”

Class is always found in simplicity… #magnum

A post shared by MagnumApparel (@magnumofficial) on


Below are more pictures of Magnum Apparel designs, and some amazing things Magnum Apparel said about to it’s designs. Magnum Apparel says: “Spring season turned #MinionSeason.. #Magnum ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ“ท @emmyshotz Models: @pweeteami @bhusorlah_xx”

Spring season turned #MinionSeason.. #Magnum ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ“ท @emmyshotz Models: @pweeteami @bhusorlah_xx

A post shared by MagnumApparel (@magnumofficial) on


“A quick throwback to wen when we picked up the very first edition tees from d factory…watch this space people, new collections in the making #magnum”


Trillion Nation

Trillion Nation produces snap backs, t-shirts, beanies, sweatshirts, dresses, and other apparels. You can contact Trillion Nation through Facebook, Instagram, Vk, Skype to make purchases or buy online from prom ua/trillionnation or Trillion Nation offers quality products you can rely on.

Trillion Nation was Founded by Sulley Ahmed a final year student pursuing Business administration at the Kharkov National university of economics. Trillion Nation is also managed in Ghana by his brother Sulley Abdullah. Trillion Nation first started as a small music group few years ago but later in the year 2013 a clothing line was added.

Meet the CEO of Trillion Nation.

They still do music but now they specialize mainly in beat making/ music production, producing for good and promising artiste, a few include papa G, oluwakash and the calicoz here in UKraine. One of their most popular songs produced was Dboy’s (Calicoz) standout, it has fetched so many views both on Facebook and YouTube. See some of Trillion Nation clothing designs below:

  • All designed by Trillion Nation
  • Another design from Trillion Nation
  • Another product of Trillion Nation
  • Another shirt designed by Trillion Nation
  • By Trillion Nation
  • Cap and shirt designed by Trillion Nation
  • Cap designed by Trillion Nation
  • CEO of Trillion Nation
  • Design done by Trillion Nation
  • Designed by Trillion Nation
  • Product of Trillion Nation
  • Shirt and cap designed by Trillion Nation
  • Shirts designed by Trillion Nation
  • Sweater and cap designed by Trillion Nation
  • image slider
  • Trillion Nation
All designed by Trillion Nation1 Another design from Trillion Nation2 Another product of Trillion Nation3 Another shirt designed by Trillion Nation4 By Trillion Nation5 Cap and shirt designed by Trillion Nation6 Cap designed by Trillion Nation7 CEO of Trillion Nation8 Design done by Trillion Nation9 Designed by Trillion Nation10 Product of Trillion Nation11 Shirt and cap designed by Trillion Nation12 Shirts designed by Trillion Nation13 Sweater and cap designed by Trillion Nation14 Sweater designed by Trillion Nation15 Trillion Nation16 by v8.7

Trillion Nation has been nominated in the past years for different awards but took home 2016 African talent awards Ukraine: Best youth designer/ Best street wear. And have been nominated twice in the past years by Splash Awards Ukraine for Best music Producer and Best youth Designer.

Three gods

The idea ‘Three gods’ was birthed by three creative and talented young individuals living a passion filled life to explore, create, and inspire through fashion, aesthetics, culture, leadership and good living. Three gods makes it’s own customized and branded caps.

A post shared by Threegods (@threegods) on

Three gods says: “We are not just any cooperate brand but a lifestyle. The name ‘Three gods’ comes from a belief that we humans are small ‘gods’ in our own right which means we (you and us) all possess abilities to excel and do the impossible.”

Three gods also said that their primary aim is to design and create individual quality style for everyone at a moderate price. As they also thank their supporters and wish them a Happy New year: “From Three gods, we are thankful to everyone who showed support in one way or the other from all over the world. Thanks to all our customers worldwide ๐ŸŒŽ More beautiful things awaits us all in the new year! Seasons greetings & Happy New Year ! With love Three gods”


See more amazing works and comments from Three gods below:

Here Three gods talked about Ice Prince a Nigerian celebrity also a hip hop recording artist and actor rocking one of their branded caps:

“Proud to see our crown hat worldwide and featured in @iceprincezamani’s video trillions. Threegods Worldwide ๐ŸŒ#crowncollection #theroyales #j2tw”

“Location: San Francisco ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ And she quotes: I loved my crown so dearly I just had to go shoot in the woods. CROWN COLLECTION ‘XVI WORLDWIDE.”


Ritas Xclusives

Ritas Xclusives also known as RX designs is a unisex fashion empire which aims at promoting African culture by blending some part of African style with that of European style. Ritas Xclusives is owned by Anuansah Rita Benyiwa from Ghana, a final year telecommunication engineering student of National Technical University of Ukraine (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute). While studying Rita Benyiwa also earned the title Miss International (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute) 2016.

Miss International (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute) 2016.

Ritas Xclusives says: “Being a designer requires some creative thinking, of course there are a lot of talented individuals out but a great and unique designer always have to be able to think about new ideas everytime and the ability to spot and develop trends, a designer must have a good eye for colour, texture and shape, must understand of the characteristics of fabrics and how they can be used, must have technical skills such as pattern cutting and sewing and drawing skills. That is what we are made of and even more.”

Meet the CEO of Ritas Xclusives.

“You can never go wrong with RX designs. The uniqueness of Ritaโ€™s Xclusives is ; R-Real I-Innovative T-Talented A-Authentic โ€˜S-Skillful *********** X-Xclusive C-Creative L-Loyal U-Unique S-Stylish I-Insightful V-Versatile E-Economical S-Strategic.”

Ritas Xclusives went further to explain how it all started: “I always had the passion for beauty especially hair dressing and fashion since childhood. So I had a doll I played around with, making her hair and dresses for it. As I grew, I kept on sewing and altering dresses with just needle and thread. Then as a birthday present I got a sewing machine from a very good friend of mine to whom I will forever be grateful.”

“I got more encouraged and challenged to improve upon myself when I read from my late motherโ€™s biography that she wanted to be a fashion designer but due to some circumstances she couldnโ€™t. So in honor of her, I am making it happen. So I can say its been a passion since childhood but as a profession since two last year.”

“I had the chance to design a shirt for the Ghanaian consular Dr. Albert Kitcher and his wife, they were actually my first clients, when I went to deliver the shirt to him. I felt honoured to sit with him and his other white friends from the USA. The shirt was actually a local Ghanaian symbol called โ€˜GYE NYAMEโ€ meaning except God. As he was explaining to his white friends the meaning of the symbol; the name RITAโ€™S XCLUSIVES came up and I actually loved the brand name so I went for it.”

Dr. Albert Kitcher wears Ritas Xclusives.

On the 24th of December 2016 Ritas Xclusives won another title ‘Youth designer of the year’ from Splash Awards Ukraine. Here is what Ritas Xclusives said: “I would like to use this platform to thank each and everyone for love and support during the just ended splash awards Ukraine ,YES!! WE MADE IT! Youth designer of the year. GOD bless you all. RX-designs โ€“ FASHION IS CREATIVITY!!! ”

Ritas Xclusive wins Youth designer of the year 2016 from Splash Awards Ukraine.

How to find Ritas Xclusives

Facebook โ€“Ritaโ€™s Xclusives.
Instagram- @ritasxclusives.
[email protected]
Tel: +380689643673


HsquareOfficial is another fashion company taking over the fashion industry in Ukraine, sailing the ship of fashion-enterpreneurship to the land of success with passion.

Another HsquareOfficial cap
HsquareOfficial’s cap and shirt

The founders of HsquareOfficial are both twins and their names are Hakieem and Hakemi. HsquareOfficial have got their own brand of clothing with their name and logo on it like shirts, caps and so on for sale.

HsquareOffical's Logo
HsquareOffical’s Logo

One unique way to identify any of HsquareOfficial’s product is from their logo. Since two heads Hsquare (Hakieem&Hakemi) are better than one. Hsquare believes that uniqueness, happiness with satisfaction is the optimal target for individuals with the best fashion taste and perception about life.

HsquareOfficial already styled and collaborated with celebrities and personalities like House of craze, Falz the badguy, Luta cash, Psalmist Dmd and many more.

Falzthebahdguy still rocking HsquareOfficial's branded cap
Falzthebahdguy showing off HsquareOfficial’s cap

How to find HsquareOfficial

For purchases contact: [email protected]
For styling contact: [email protected]
Call:+380 (63) 521 17 39 or +44 7448 188652


The founder of D’STYLE XPRESION is Hunyinbo oluwatosin a third course Medical student From Nigeria. She lives and studys in Zaporozhye. D’STYLE XPRESION says: “I design, sew and make bags, accessories for female and male (lapel pins,bow ties…).This makes my work interesting cause I design things that is associated with fashion.


Apart from being a singer, what gives me joy is making people happy when they wear or make use of what I made for them. This is because I know the importance of looking good. It create and impression even before one speaks.

Here is a Lovely Sky blue denim short gown made by D’STYLE XPRESION #dstyle_xpreshions:

Lovely Sky blue denim short gown made by D'STYLE_XPRESHIONS

A post shared by D'STYLE XPRESIONS (@dstyle_xpreshions) on

“I strongly believe this popular quote: “fashion needs not to be put in a box. It beauty is diversity and creativity”.
“Orange coloured envelope purse by D’STYLE XPRESION #dstyle_xpreshions:

Orange coloured envelope purse made by #D'STYLE_XPRESHIONS

A post shared by D'STYLE XPRESIONS (@dstyle_xpreshions) on

“From my childhood, I love drawing out designs on paper, fashion designing has given me platform to express myself not minding the challenges that comes with it. Cause it can only get better.

Let us show you more designs and comments below from D’STYLE XPRESION:


A post shared by D'STYLE XPRESIONS (@dstyle_xpreshions) on



A post shared by D'STYLE XPRESIONS (@dstyle_xpreshions) on

Below is a picture of a jumpsuit made by #jumpsuitafricanprint #dstyle_xpreshions #lola_tata”

#jumpsuitafricanprint made by D'STYLE_XPRESIONS

A post shared by D'STYLE XPRESIONS (@dstyle_xpreshions) on



Facebook: Hunyinbo tosinbest.
Instagram: dstyle_xpreshion.
Mobile: +380634714282.

GCM Couture

GCM Couture designs pretty looking female wears and dresses, the founder of GCM Couture is Georgise Makosso a third year student at Xhady from congo Brazzaville.

#work #time #with #team #gcmcouture

A post shared by @houseofgigi_ on

Georgise Makosso says: “Gcm are my clothes mark I sell this clothes here and in my country”

A post shared by @houseofgigi_ on

Below is a dress made by GCM Couture:

Dress by Gcm Couture la Tendance.

A post shared by @houseofgigi_ on

Below is another dress made by GCM Couture:

A post shared by @houseofgigi_ on



Definura specializes in custom made cloths. Definura is owned by 22 year old top African fashionista, hair stylist, fashion designer, seamstress and promoter in Ukraine Pius Elizabeth Okiemute from NIGERIA. Pius Elizabeth Okiemute is a final year medical student in Lviv, Ukraine.

Meet the CEO of Definura Pius Elizabeth Okiemute.

See below for some beautiful looking outfits made by Definura:

“@ade_bbanjo rocking an outfit by Definura #definura”

@ade_bbanjo rocking an outfit by Definura #definura

A post shared by Definura Clothings (@definura) on


“Outfits by DEFINURA #definura Models: @nytaz_ @ade_bbanjo @its_onny”

Outfits made by DEFINURA.

“@kollydee in a shirt by Definura #definura”

@kollydee in a shirt by Definura #definura

A post shared by Definura Clothings (@definura) on

“@nytaz_ In a dress by Definura #Definura To order yours email :[email protected]

@nytaz_ In a dress by Definura #Definura To order yours email :[email protected]

A post shared by Definura Clothings (@definura) on

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