Top African Comedians who started from Ukraine

List of Top African Comedians who started comedy from Ukraine

In today’s blog post I will show you a list of top African comedians who started their hustling and bustling from Ukraine through social media platforms.They now have people loving them and people supporting and encouraging them to do more of what they do. They were able to pull their crowds and gain their fans using various popular social media platforms in Ukraine.


Emmanuel Iwueke, popularly known as Crazeclown is a Nigerian comedian based in Ukraine. He became famous by making short comedy skits and posting them on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Crazeclown is currently a 6th year Medical student at Kharkov National Medical University (KNMU).


As of 2015, his comedy skits had about a hundred million views and now his instagram page has more than one million followers. In his comedy skits, he portrays a very dictatorial and abusive father of “Tega” who constantly hits his supposed to be son “Tega” at the slightest provocation, much to the amusement of his viewers.

Crazeclown has hosted several shows outside Ukraine and in Ukraine recently with celebrities like “Falz the Bahd Guy”, “MrEazi” and so on. He has also made it to LindaIkeji’sblog more than thrice. In 2016, he signed endorsement deals to become an ambassador for lottery company Nairabet and Food processing company, ‘O’ and ‘B’ kilishi.

Dr. Craze started comedy and acting at an early age, where himself and his peers organized and took part in acting and other social events. In his high school days, apart from his academic studies, he was either organizing or partaking in social events in which he acted, hosted or did stand-up comedy. He now has another family comedy skit known as “House of Craze”.


Tega Akpobome popularly known as Tega is a Nigerian actor, director, entertainer and also a medical student who lives and studies in Kharkov, Ukraine. He plays the role of the Crazeclown’s son in most of his short comedy skits on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and so on.


Tega does his own comedy skits also on social media. In there a lot of fans applauds him for entertaining them and encourages him to keep doing more of what he does. Tega and mushinboi also features in “House of Craze” Crazeclown’s family comedy skit. In “House of Craze” Tega still acts as Crazeclown’s son.



Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo known as SamSpedy (born 05 May 1994 at Ekiti Nigeria) is a Nigerian Comedian, actor, musician and fashionista also popularly known for his comedies on social media.


SamSpedy is an undergraduate of Zaporozhye State Medical University, Ukraine class of 2018. He is the founder and manager of SamSpedy Entertainment.

SamSpedy Entertainment started December 2014 and has gained a lot of views on social media platforms like Facebook, Vkontact, Instagram and YouTube through his funny skits.

SamSpedy says: ” Being a comedian on the other hand is something that has been part of me since childhood, and I have been motivated by himself and loved ones. ”


Papasonnie whose name is Sonnie Nyame the first born in the family of five children is a third year medical student in Ukraine. Sonnie Nyame popularly known as Papasonnie is a Ghanaian comedic Tv presenter and also a gospel musician. He used to live in Kumasi, Ghana before coming to Ukraine. Papasonnie is a singer, an actor, a comedian, a tv presenter of the popular S2TV we all know about.


Papasonnie says: “So I am kinda combining singing, acting/comedy and Tv presenting with medicine and I know you know it’s not easy. For now I have held onto the Papa Sonnie series, I am doing short comedy skits now and by God’s grace immediately I started the comedy skit with the video “papa sonnie and Fowaa” it went viral”

Papasonnie did a comedy skit of him playing the role of Papa sonnie and Fowaa where he acted as a girl, a lot of people accepted it and loved it. It had over 40,000 views on facebook.


Fruition entertainment comprises of three friends Odumegwu Chinedu Godwin, Taiwo Ayokunle Joshua and Abdulmalik Michael Omeiza from Nigeria who loves acting and comedy. They decided to come together as a group to make us laugh, these amazing comedians are also final year students of Kharkov National University of Radioelectronics.

Here is a picture of Frution Entertainment with Abdulmalik Michael Omeiza at the left Odumegwu Chinedu Godwin at the middle and Taiwo Ayokunle Joshua at the right.

Fruition entertainment started their comedy video skits earlier this year and fortunately for them they were able to pull crowds especially Africans from Facebook. Fruition entertainment has a lot of their comedy skits on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and so on.

You can see a comedy video skit they did below about two friends playing FIFA:

Tag a friend that plays FIFA like this 😂😂😂😂😉
Odumegwu Chinedu Godwin
Abdulmalik Micheal

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