Top 10 African female fashionistas popularly known among Africans in Ukraine

Top 10 African female fashionistas popularly known among Africans in Ukraine.

claire_snazzy or Ifunaya Bertha Afua


Akintaju Oluwatoyosi or ‘me_toys’

Akintaju Oluwatoyosi also known as ‘me_toys’ on Instagram is a Nigerian and a 5th-year medical student at V. N Karazin Medical University, Kharkov Ukraine.

Meet Akintaju Oluwatoyosi also known as ‘me_toys’.

Toyosi Akintaju says: “My hobbies are cooking, watching movies, singing &taking pictures.”

“I love fashion because it is like a beautiful extension of my personality, and also looking good is a priority for me as a Lady.”

Elizabeth Ighorodje or ‘Fantazzy93’

Elizabeth Ighorodje popularly known as ‘Fantazzy93’ is a Nigerian and a final year medical student in Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine.

Meet Elizabeth Ighorodje or ‘Fantazzy93’.

Elizabeth said: ” I enjoy modelling, singing, writing and watching tv series or quiz shows.”

“Fashion to me is an expression of my personality. It’s an art and it gives me a platform to communicate with other amazing fashion lovers as well.”

“I’m inspired by creativity, beauty and a little bit of bizarreness. Fashion is fun. Life’s too short to wear boring clothes anyways.”

Pius Elizabeth or ‘cuteliz_’

Pius Elizabeth Okiemute popularly known as ‘cuteliz_’ is a 6th-year medical student at Lviv, Ukraine. Pius Elizabeth is a 22-year-old Nigerian, she is a hair stylist, fashion designer, seamstress and promoter.

Meet Pius Elizabeth Okiemute popularly known as cuteliz_.

Pius Elizabeth says: “I love singing, cooking, I love to sew and make up. Fashion has become like a way of making money for me and fashion makes me happy. It expresses my personality.”


“Fashion is not boring, the constant changes in fashion makes it enjoyable.I love that there are no rules and it can accommodate everyone. Fashion means art to me, Dressing myself up is like decorating my body or painting a picture.” Pius Elizabeth said.

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE Dress by @windsorstore 😘

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Pius Elizabeth Okiemute is the CEO of a company named Definura which specialises in custom made clothing. She is also a brand influencer: “I have worked with so many brands for the past two years, And have become a brand ambassador for some brands. I and hoping to work with more brands in the future.” the CEO of Definura said.

ADEBUSUYI ANNETTA or ‘dat_multitalented_doc’

Adebusuyi Annetta also known as ‘dat_multitalented_doc’ on Instagram is a fashion model and a medical student of Kharkiv National University.

Meet Adebusuyi Annetta also known as ‘dat_multitalented_doc’.

She is from Lagos, Nigeria and lives in Kharkov, Ukraine. Adebusuyi Annetta is Miss Kharkov Africa for the year 2013.

Adebusuyi Annetta said: “I AM NOT A FASHION BLOGGER, Im just a lady who loves the art of fashion and feels confident in whatever I wear .. Hmmm I don’t consider myself a fashionista. I would say I see myself as someone who God blessed with the ability to rock any look graciously”

The sui generis

The SUI GENERIS is a model, fashion & lifestyle blogger, designer, Product Advertiser who is ready to leave a mark. She is based in Kharkov, Ukraine and Miss Kharkiv International for the year 2017.

“I am TheSuiGeneris. I believe in fashion, its the world we live in, its revolutionary the feeling that comes from putting pieces together is unexplainable. Style makes it all beautiful I love being a part of this.”



Garuba Khadijah Abiola popularly known as DimpleKhadi is a final year medical student of V.N Karazin National University. A Nigerian from a Family of 6, she is the 3rd of 4 children.

Meet Garuba Khadijah Abiola popularly known as DimpleKhadi.

DimpleKhadi refers to herself as both a personal style blogger and a fashion blogger: “I’m a Personal style Fashion blogger. I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now. I’ve worked with so many brands in my blogging career and I thank God for that.”

“I love listening to music, watching movies; mainly Korean movies lately, watching all interesting sports; football, wrestling e.t.c, I love cooking too.

“During the weekends, if I don’t have a class/photoshoot, you will most definitely find me indoor sleeping. I love my sleep …”

“Fashion is a way of expressing oneself. To me fashion is comfort. Fashion makes me stand out/unique. With the right pairs of shoes and clothing, I can go everywhere confidently. That’s what fashion means to me.”



Melody Jacobs or ‘MJB’

Melody Jacobs also known as ‘MJB’ in a shorter form, is the CEO and founder of Melody Jacobs Blog. Melody Jacobs is a media influencer, Content Creator, Lifestyle and Fashion Model.

Melody Jacobs also known as ‘MJB’ in a shorter form.

MJB is focused on partnering with brands, marketing and recreating collections with/for brands. MJB has grown in becoming an international brand ambassador, representing different clothing lines and charity homes.

MJB has been featured in different magazines and currently stands as the face of different brands she works with, topping the best 5 blogs in Ukraine and 10 most influencer blogs in Europe.

Fashion for Melody Jacobs is business and creativity. Melody Jacobs or ‘MJB’ says: “Welcome to my world of diversity and self-made Woman. LOVE,❤️❤️”


Justina Olufemi Ajayi is popularly known as Teenashka on Instagram, is a fourth-year medical student in Odessa National Medical University. Teenashka said apart from studying medicine she also has a passion for fashion designing and entrepreneurship: “Asides medicine, I have a passion for fashion designing and entrepreneurship. I run a business too. I am trying to build a brand. I am not a fashion blogger, I just love to look good. It boosts my stance and confidence.”

Meet Justina Olufemi Ajayi also known as Teenashka

“I have taken a break for a while now, I have been working on my body and skin, with intense workouts and certain skin care routines, I can’t wait to share the results and how I achieved them with you all.”

Teenashka also said she likes cooking: “Another hobby is cooking, I love to try new recipes out, and I also enjoy talking, I am bold, confident and can speak anywhere and everywhere. I love fashion because its an art. Every piece makes a statement.”

“Judged by my appearance, people who know me well can tell when I am happy, or gloomy. I try to leave a positive impact wherever I am or have been. I live to make a difference.”

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