Tiger Woods says “alcohol or drug was not involved” in his arrest

Tiger Woods says “alcohol or drug was not involved” in his arrest and apologises to family and fans.

Former world number one golfer Tiger Woods one of the highest-paid athletes in the world for several years; has broken his silence on his arrest in Florida on Monday morning.

The golf legend, who was charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), said alcohol or drug was not involved” in his arrest, he said it was due to an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.

Woods, who is currently sidelined from competition after having his fourth back surgery in April, said in a statement that he takes full responsibility for his actions and apologises to his family, friends and fans.

“I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications,” he said.

“I didn’t realise the mix of medications had affected me so strongly.”

Tiger Woods said: “I would like to apologise with all my heart to my family, friends, and the fans. I expect more from myself, too. I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens again.

The Police affidavit released Tuesday that contained details about Woods’ arrest also confirmed his statement that he had not been drinking before being arrested for suspicion of DUI.

The Police described Woods as “cooperative as much as possible,” saying he had trouble keeping his eyes open. The affidavit was released a day after Woods spent nearly four hours in the Palm Beach County jail on a DUI charge.

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