The Song ‘Welele’ by ‘CHIOMA’ goes viral among Africans in Ukraine

The Song Welele (..miss you) by ‘CHIOMA’ a top African Female Singer in Ukraine has gone viral among Africans in Ukraine.

Welele (..miss you) by ‘CHIOMA’ is now a big discussion and a trending topic among Africans in Ukraine as they have responded positively to this latest single from ‘CHIOMA’. After the release on the 10th of January of this latest single Welele (..miss you) from ‘CHIOMA’, most Africans have responded and reacted positively to it either by sharing the link to the song or commenting nice about it.

‘CHIOMA’ said “So far I have been getting massive support from people around me here in Ukraine. When I dropped ‘welele’, the amazing feedback I got was humbling and I am truly grateful for that.”

Popular African Vlogger in Ukraine ‘Sumptous Ify’ the CEO of ‘Sumptuous look & vlogs’ once commented on Chioma’s Facebook picture that she was anticipating the release of Welele (..miss you), whereas the first African entertainment show in Ukraine ‘A moment with madyln’ featured the song Welele (..miss you) on one of their videos. Popular African Film writer ‘Princess Ezeano’ in Ukraine was also caught dancing to the song Welele (..miss you) on her new video on Instagram.

Another popular African drummer in Ukraine ‘Tobi-medic Drums’ took out time to also to share on his Facebook page and praise the effort put on the song by ‘CHIOMA’. Many of Chioma’s supporters and friends on Facebook have also shared and left positive comments about the song Welele (..miss you).

Chioma Nwibe Adaeze popularly known as ‘CHIOMA’ is a sixth year medical student at Kharkov medical university, Ukraine from Enugu state, Nigeria. She is the first of 3 children and grew up in Abia state, Nigeria.


“My family is a really quiet one, we barely had a lot of extended family around. It was mostly always just my amazing mum, my loving siblings and myself. I schooled in Madonna for about 2 years before coming to Ukraine in 2011.”: ‘CHIOMA’ says.

“I have always been singing for as long as I can remember, right from primary school. I was in all kinds of choirs.. hahahaha.. Igbo choir, english choir, french choir, acapella groups and all that. My mom bought choir uniforms till she was tired. I would practice and practice at home and bully my sister into joining me. I really really loved singing.”

‘CHIOMA’ says:” I would practice and practice at home and bully my sister into joining me. I really really loved singing”

“I don’t remember making a conscious decision to become a singer. I just kind of grew into it. I joined my church choir here in Ukraine, and with time I started singing in church programs. The encouraging support from my church members and my Priest too, boosted my confidence.”

“So when people started asking me to sing at their events, I was willing to. It wasn’t always perfect, I made mistakes here and there. But I didn’t let them discourage me, I always took note of my mistakes, that helped me grow because I kept working on myself and I am still working on myself.”

Here is a picture of ‘Chioma’ doing a cover of Ariana Grande’s song titled Side to Side.

“My biggest motivation when it comes to doing music is the fact that I don’t want to ever live unfulfilled life just because I’m scared to try. I believe God gave me this gift for a reason, and I intend to use it to the best of my ability, God willing..”

‘CHIOMA’ talked about how she started writing her own songs: “A good friend of mine, who always used to encourage me to start writing my own songs introduced me to Alain, who basically helped me officially start off my music career. He held my hand through the process of writing my first songs. He pushed me to start making covers and continuously supported and motivated me and he never let me slack.”

‘CHIOMA’ also explained that Craze clown or Papa-Ade a famous Nigerian comedian and actor was one of the people who encouraged her to start doing covers: “I remember when I first put out some covers on Instagram and deleted them out of worry. Emmanuel (craze clown) almost strangled me, he was also one of the people who encouraged me to start doing covers.”

“To me, every cover I have dropped is an accomplishment. Because it takes a lot of courage to put your work out there. You have to be ready for both positive and negative feedback. With each day that passes, I get a little more audience, more people listen to my music and send me encouraging messages and that makes me very happy.”

‘CHIOMA’ further explained how she felt at the release of her latest single Welele (..miss you): “I was really excited to drop this new single even though I was a bit nervous as is expected, it was still an amazing feeling. My family and group mates were so so supportive through out the whole process.”

“All the people I had with me through the process of shooting the video were such huge blessings. I can’t thank Alain enough. The dancers Benjamin and Annetta, were so amazing and easy to work with. The videographers were great to work with especially Light. My friend Hetta was behind the scenes encouraging me. I was indeed grateful to be surrounded by so much support.”

πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ˜ #welelebaby

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‘CHIOMA’ talks about combining studies with music: “I am not going to say its easy to combine medicine and music without one suffering a bit because it really isn’t. I do my best to manage my time to the best of my ability and separate study time from studio time.”

‘CHIOMA’ says her family are in support of her music career: “my family is very supportive of my music. My mum has always believed and supported me in everything I do. My siblings too are very very supportive. I love them all so much.”

“God willing, I hope to be a source of inspiration to people one day. And I pray my music takes me to greater heights than I ever expected by God’s grace.”

‘CHIOMA’ says: “I would love to say that If you have something you love doing.. Go for it! Even if you feel you are not the best at it. Don’t bother about what people will think or say. Because at the end of it all, it’s your life. Don’t be discouraged. Rely on God, be relentless and put your best into it and you will surely excel beyond your expectations.”

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