NEON LOUNGE apologies for pepper spray incident caused by hoodlums

NEON LOUNGE writes an apology letter to its customers about the pepper spray incident caused by two hoodlums. Some few days back on Friday night 20th of January, a fight broke out among two hoodlums, at Neon Lounge one of the top African restaurants in Ukraine, during the fight one of the hoodlums used pepper spray on everyone present. This resulted into a big chaos as a lot of people left the scene unprepared. To compensate for the inconvenience caused by both hoodlums. NEON LOUNGE wrote an apology letter and…

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Top African hairstylists or hairdressers in Ukraine

Top African Creative hairstylists or hairdressers in Ukraine. All these hairstylists mentioned below are really working hard in their line of business. The captivating thing is that they are all students in Ukraine; a country located in Eastern Europe. They are doing their best to make sure that Africans in Ukraine look stunning and beautiful. You can see them below: Bees_Haircellency Isiorhovoja Blessing a Nigerian and third year Medical student who lives and studies in Zaporizhia, Ukraine is the founder of Bees_Haircellency. Bees_Haircellency founder is an African hairstylist in the…

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