Short Interesting Films made by Africans in Ukraine

See some short interesting films made by Africans in Ukraine you will love to watch.

‘A Man Scorned’ by Victor O’Frank

This short interesting film inspired by life experiences titled ‘A Man Scorned’, was written and directed by Victor Okoye Frank known as Victor O’Frank in a shorter form for business purposes.

Victor O’Frank started out making short films four years ago while he was in medical school at Lugansk, Ukraine, he later graduated from another University in Kiev, Ukraine and moved to New York to start a new career in film. According to Victor O’Frank his first film school was the college of medicine.

In Victor O’Frank’s words: “My first film school was the college of medicine”

Victor O’Frank director at fourth films said: “A Man Scorned was inspired by my life experience, truth be told, I had always wanted to tell a story and never found the right motivation, then came one tragic event that turned it all round for me, right after that I haven’t stopped.”

‘A Man Scorned’ was written and directed by Victor O’Frank.

“If I was to describe myself in one word, I’d say unusual (not weird) but thats perhaps the only attribute that has formed my path in the last several years.”

‘Enough’ by Obiosa Jennifer

This short interesting film titled ‘Enough’ was written and produced by Obiosa Jennifer a final year medical student and CEO of Style ME perfect. Enough is a short film inspired by the struggles of humans.

‘Enough’ was directed by Yerins Abraham and shot by: Sergey Chepulsky. Obiosa Jennifer also said that her favorite teacher and one of the doctors inspired her to write the short film ENOUGH.

Obiosa Jennifer says: “Enough is based on individual struggles like rape, abuse and so on we humans inflict on each other and how it should stop because the only way we can stop it is by ourselves.”

‘Enough’ was written and produced by Obiosa Jennifer a final year medical student and CEO of Style ME perfect.

Jennifer Obiosa says: “Many of our challenges, pain and struggles are inflicted on us by each other and that leaves us in charge of a solution as much as we are the problem.”

“Enough isn’t just a film, it’s a movement. I want everyone around the world to know how powerful we are as individuals to change our faith and we can only do it together.”

Meet Jennifer Obiosa.

Jennifer Obiosa also said that: “I had the honor of working with an amazing cast that consists of Gloria Mendes, Onor-Obasi Ntui, Stella Achimole, Famujimi Oluwatobi, Bright Wodi, Daramola Ayodeji, Chatowa Faith Muwowo, Chioma Onuoha, Samuel Adagba, Adams Ufuoma, Kay Chukwuma. They all made this a success.”

‘Selfosis’ by Dunamis Center Drama group

This short captivating film titled ‘Selfosis’ was created by the Dunamis Center Drama group. The Dunamis Center is a branch under the Christian Life International Church. And their Drama group known as the Dunamis Center Drama group have combined together to create a short film titled ‘Selfosis’.

According to the Dunamis Center Drama group the name ‘Selfosis’ was based on Romans 8:5-8 Message Translation which means abnormal condition to self. Self implies the Flesh. The message translation says that those who work according to self (flesh) are obsessed with self (Flesh).

Some members of the Dunamis Center Drama group.

The short film titled ‘Selfosis’ was directed by Owolabi Tobiloba, who is also the Head of the Drama Team. The film was Written by Adeosun Emmanuel and Onabolu Oluwaseyifunmi, they are members of the Drama team. Augustine Peace acted as the main character. The Cinematographer was Jonathan Tshimwanga a Chief Executive Officer at Jotshi Entertainment.

Meet Owolabi toby the director of The short film titled ‘Selfosis’.

‘Selfosis’ shows the life of a lady trying to live the Christian life from self( With her own strength). The main character Augustine Peace; whose name was Nancy in the short film ‘Selfosis’ was trying to live for God from the standard of the world. The End result wasn’t pleasant for her.

Meet Adeosun Emmanuel the writer of the short film ‘Selfosis’ created by the Dunamis Center Drama group.

‘Selfosis’ premiered on Sunday 4th of December 2016, day 2 of Dunamis Anniversary. At Dunamis Centre Ludvidga Svobody 60a.

Chief Executive Officer at Jotshi Entertainment Jonathan Tshimwanga the Cinematographer.

Dunamis Center Drama group says: “The message of the movie is to get Christians into a realisation that you cannot live your life based on your flesh or from the world’s standard. As Christians we function and live through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God gives us the ability to live above Sin, Not by our own Physical strength but by The word of God and the Spirit of God fully at work in our lives.”

Augustine Peace the main character acted as Nancy.

“This short film was made a possibility by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost who is the superintendent of the Church, and also with the immense support of our spiritual Parents Apostle Victor and Prophet Racheal Ahamefule. Also with the backing of our wonderful Man of God of Dunamis Center Pastor Ogbe Edward Monoyo”

Resolution by Princess Ezeano

This short interesting film titled ‘Resolution’ was written by Princess Ezeano. Princess Ezeano basically played the main character in this short film. Princess Ezeano said her passion for acting started while she was young: “Had a thing for acting since I was young. Started writing while in Secondary school, started with poetry then story telling.”

“While growing up in South Africa i was part of many projects, Tv commercials, Soap operas and Church media crew too, so when I got here and told my mum there’s not much platform for acting she told me start my own. It’s my hobby and I can get inspiration from anywhere. I have a lot of scripts that I’m yet to shoot…I believe that with God I’ll get better.”

Princess Ezeano basically played the main character in the short film titled ‘Resolution’.

The short film ‘Resolution’ was produced by Moongail Production. At the release of the short film Moongail Production said: “Moongail Production is here with a piece to lead you into 2017. If you watch Someone Before I don’t think you still wanna miss this.”

“Don’t change because a new year is coming up but change for your own personal growth no matter what resolutions you make, nobody says it will be easy but they just promise it’s worth it.”

‘Table no 9’ by Victor O’Frank

‘Table no 9’ is another interesting short film written and directed by Victor O’Frank for Crazeclown. Emmanuel Iwueke popularly known as Crazeclown and Papa-Ade is a Nigerian entertainer. Emmanuel Iwueke is popularly known to be PAPA ADE because that is the role he plays in his comedy skits.


He became a star by making short comedy skits on Instagram and YouTube, as of 2016 his followers on Instagram social media were said to have increased to one million. He is at the moment based in Ukraine. He became an ambassador to NairaBet in 2016.

This short interesting film ‘Table no 9’ written and directed by Victor O’Frank for Crazeclown, tells a story about a young woman’s confusion with her numbers at a restaurant that spirals into a fight for food. It is also said to be a tribute to an old 60’s film “The Lunch Date” by Adam Davidson.

Here is another picture of Victor O’Frank the writer and director of ‘Table no 9’ with Nigerian record producer, singer-songwriter and musician popularly known as Don Jazzy.

Victor O’Frank said: “Coming from a medical background, I always get the question, Have you quit medicine? my answer has always been no. I call my craft, Medical Art. Although you won’t find me within the walls of the home for the sick, I do something more than healing the body, I touch minds, in the form of story telling, when asked my response usually is, “If the mind controls the body, I would have saved you a dime, if I told you story that could change your mind”

‘Someone Before’ by Princess Ezeano

‘Someone Before’ is another short film written and directed by Princess Ezeano a fourth year Medical Student and produced by Moongail Productions, the voice-over was also done by Princess Ezeano. ‘Someone Before’ inspired by the lives of people. ‘Someone Before’ talks about the hardest decisions a person is likely to face in life.

“‘Someone Before’ was inspired by people around me…everybody seems to have gone through a breakup or a challenge in their relationships, some are strong enough to overcome them while others crush along the line.”

In Princess Ezeano’s voice: “One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder.”

Princess Ezeano once said: “it’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.”

“Some believe in fighting for what they love while others believe that you should love it enough to set it free in hopes that it will return…”

‘To Catch a Cheetah’ by Victor O’Frank

‘To Catch a Cheetah’ is another interesting short film written and directed by Victor O’Frank for Crazeclown. ‘To Catch a Cheetah’ tells a story about Sofi who has always been smooth with her moves until the day her husband found out about her lies.

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