See why Victor O’Frank went into filmmaking career after 6 years of medical study

See why Victor O’Frank the winner of best director for ‘The SOFIES’ went into filmmaking career after 6 years of medical study in Ukraine.

Victor O’Frank in full Victor Okoye Frank is now a film writer and director. He started making short films while he was in medical school at Lugansk, Ukraine. After transferring from Lugansk due to the crisis which took place some few years back in Ukraine, Victor O’Frank graduated as a medical student from Kiev and later moved to New York to start a new career in filmmaking.

Victor O’Frank said after winning best director for ‘The SOFIES’: “I just won The SOFIES—oh thats the junior brother to Oscars for short film. Best Director — and there’s an amazing twist to the tale.”

Today the question a lot of people ask is why Victor O’Frank chose to focus on filmmaking instead of his medical career. Victor O’Frank has instead said he has not left medicine but has decided to use his knowledge in medicine to heal people’s minds:

“Coming from a medical background, I always get the question, Have you quit medicine? my answer has always been no. I call my craft, Medical Art. Although you won’t find me within the walls of the home for the sick, I do something more than healing the body, I touch minds, in the form of story telling, when asked my response usually is, “If the mind controls the body, I would have saved you a dime, if I told you story that could change your mind” Victor O’Frank said.

“My first film school was the college of medicine. The sole reason I got into filmmaking as a career after 6 years of medical study wasn’t to abandon medicine, In fact, the film making art as I know it is more therapeutic than most form of therapy in the medical field. I made a conscious decision to focus my art on healing minds, as medicine focuses mostly on the body.”

“Taking a look at the system on ground in Africa and most especially Nigeria, we all agree, there must be some improvements made. I’m of the school of thought that the first step should be geared towards creating a new mind set. No other form of art is able to do that but visual story telling. I do hope to channel the messages in film towards that discourse.”

“I never intended to leave medicine, the only difference is that I found a different application of my medical knowledge, yes, I know it’s unusual but if used right, the power that story telling possess can change a nation beyond changing individual minds.”

See Victor O’Frank tell us a bit about his journey in film making and some of his short films.

“My first film (A Man Scorned), was inspired by my life experience, truth be told, I had always wanted to tell a story and never found the right motivation, then came one tragic event that turned it all round for me, right after that I haven’t stopped. I did 3 other films while I was in Kiev, Table no 9, To Catch a Cheetah and Femi.”

“Of all the pictures I ever shot, Femi would be perhaps the one with the most social relevance. Few years prior, before the war broke out in Lugansk, I was a victim of a hate crime, even though I had forgiven the assailants, I needed to tell the story to create an awareness of such treatment of foreigners in Ukraine. Although we never completed the film as it was, we got to our last day of shoot.”

“My most recent film under the title “Purpose” was produced earlier in 2016. It has bagged numerous awards including Judge’s Film at the My rode reel Competition and Best Documentary at the SOFI awards in New York. I created “Purpose” for the sole aim of enlightenment.”

“My advice to anyone venturing into any field is to stay on their track, but be certain that it is what makes you happy. Beyond happiness, you must affirm to yourself that it is the path to your ultimate goal. If you wish to get in the film business, take a leap for it, learn a much as can but most importantly practice what you’ve learnt.”

My next major documentary titled “Birth Of A Slave” addressed quite a number of issues facing us as a continent and a nation and possible way out, I’ll ask that anyone interested in paving a new path for this country should see it when its out.

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