See The First African Female Comedian In Ukraine

Gidigirl A student of linguistics in Ukraine is in general the first African Female Comedian In Ukraine

Osemene Victoria from Asaba, Nigeria popularly known as Gidigirl who is currently studying Linguistics and Foreign/International Languages in the eastern part of Europe, Ukraine is by far their first African female comedian.

Gidigirl the first african female comedian in Ukraine
Here is a picture of Gidigirl the first african female comedian in Ukraine

She started with posting videos of herself on social media lip singing to different popular songs and dancing to them in a funny way just like another popular female comedian Maraji who is in Nigeria. The most interesting thing is that Gidigirl never watched Maraji before making her music comedy videos she was just having her own fun and like she said playing around with the music application.

Here is one of Gidigirl’s comedy video on Instagram that drew a lot of audience and got a lot of likes and comments from viewers. This video and many of her Instagram videos always leaves her audience smiling and wanting more:

Seriously explain to me 😩 why would you say I am fat 🙆😫 @yomiblack @aimakhutoyin

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Gidigirl also does videos of herself lip talking and acting to famous comedy skits a lot of viewers can relate to. You can see them in most of her videos:

Gidigirl in an interview with Jotshi entertainment once said she never knew she could make people laugh and she never saw herself as a funny person. You can watch the interview video below:

The first time she released her comedy video on social media it got a lot of attention from her viewers; they all loved it and requested for more this pushed Gidigirl further into doing more and more comedy videos which is now bringing her so much fame.

Osemene Victoria popularly known as Gidigirl

Gidigirl says: “I started making musically videos and posting on different social media platforms early this year January 2016. I wasn’t actually motivated by anyone or anything I was just playing around the musically application for fun. But people around found it more interesting and always requesting for more videos.”


Gidigirl the first African female comedian in Ukraine who is already becoming a big sensation now has so much followers on her various social media pages that want more of her music comedy videos, dancing videos, lip talking and lip singing videos.

Have you prayed for Ghana 🇬🇭 today ???

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“I started making musically videos in January this year and presently I have released over 100 videos both on my Facebook page and Instagram page which has gained me over 20,000 followers.”  Gidigirl said

“I love to play a lot, cooking is another favorite thing I love to do, I also love to play the violin and sing too.”


“My little word of advice for anyone that wants to start up anything whatsoever be it dancing, singing or comedy.
drop fears aside, follow your dreams, be consistent, work hard, put God first in all and prayer.”

Gidigirl has also been featured in a lot of comedy videos done by papasonnie. Gidigirl is also a Vlogger and she has her own Youtube channel where she posts other videos that are not music videos. Below is another amazing work from Gidigirl.

To anyone who would love to reach Gidigirl or see more of her funny videos you can find her on these different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Snapchat). If you would love to know more about the only African female comedian Ukraine has then follow her on Facebook: Gidigirl Vikky Osemene, Instagram: Gidigirlvikky, YouTube: Gidigirl Vikky Osemene. Snapchat: Gidigirl-vikky.

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