Pregnant pit bull named ‘Winter’ got a beachside baby shower in California.

Pregnant pit bull named ‘Winter’ got a beachside baby shower in California.

An expectant pit bull in California was given one of the biggest surprise of it’s life last Saturday; a beach-side baby shower at Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, California.

Jesus Suarez and his family also the owners of the pregnant white pit bull named ‘Winter’, have prepared her for motherhood in the best way possible — by throwing her a baby shower.

“We decided to throw her a baby shower because we thought it would be something cute and simple that people don’t really do often,”

“It was so last minute so… maybe 10 people showed up,” Jesus Suarez’s cousin Gisselle Orozco told ABC News.

Winter didn’t skimp on her attire. She wore a blue tutu for the occasion. For now, the family plans to give the puppies to other family members, “so they’ll be able to see Winter,” Orozco said.

Although, Winter gave birth to 10 puppies four days after the baby shower. Winter’s party was complete with food and drinks for the guests along with tons of gifts for her, such as tennis balls and other little treats.

Winter was photographed enjoying dog-friendly treats and opening gifts on the beach in a post that recently went viral on Twitter with more than 55,000 people retweeting them.

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