‘Naija Health’ will be at Epe, Lagos this August to give free maternal healthcare services

‘Naija Health’ will be at Epe, Lagos this August to give free maternal healthcare services.

‘Naija Health’ is a NGO organization that is bringing maternal and child mortality to the bare minimum. In collaboration with private and public health partners.

Their vision is to improve the health and wellness of mothers and children at Epe, Lagos and in Nigeria as a whole, by working to create a seamless system of access to compassionate, culturally sensitive, preventive and primary health care resulting in a healthier population and improved quality of life.

In the first week of August 2017 ‘Naija Health’ will launch it’s “MCH NECO program” also known as Maternal and child health Naijahealth Epe community outreach program. The one-week MCH phase 1 program will be launched at Epe, Lagos Nigeria for one week in the beginning of August.

The vision is to bring about outcomes as envisioned in the millennium development goals 4, 5 & 6, the Nigeria’s National Population Policy 2006 (NPP 2006), the NaijaHealth projects NHP plan from 2016-2020, minimizing the district variations in the areas of MCH and population stabilization through an integrated, focused, participatory program meeting the unmet needs of the target population, and provision of assured, equitable, responsive quality services.

‘Naija health’ says: “Our mission is to build healthier lives through education, advocacy, medication, and prevention. And improve the health and well-being of underserved communities in Epe, Lagos by providing accessible, free, high quality, culturally competent community-based preventive, primary and behavioral health care.”

Free services to be offered at the program.

Free Educational services on:

– Antenatal care by local nurses/midwives, – Safe delivery by skilled persons, – Early recognition and timely referral of risk pregnancies, – Post-natal care, – Newborn care, – Promotion of exclusive breastfeeding, how to breastfeed,- Nutrition promotion education; calcium supplements, – Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV, – Immunization: Polio, DPT, Hepatitis, MMR, BCG, – Cervical cancer and prevention

-Clinical services: Gynaecology and MCH Services,- Self-breast examination, diagnostics of breast cancer; mammography, cervical biopsy, general medical check-up.

There will be a distribution of free educational kits including MCH GUIDELINE Keypoint books and DVDs. And free MCH Services like:

– Essential medicines; paracetamol, antibiotics group a and b, anti-malaria, vaccines. Kits- condoms, contraceptives. -Mother and child medicines; contraceptives, ORT, (1)(2), -Advocacy

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