Meet the young woman scammed by an online Instagram seller

Meet the young woman scammed by an Online Instagram seller of designer clothes, shoes and bags.

Almost every time or sometimes in our every day lives we often hear about scam stories, fraudsters duping people and making them victims of their scams; but we pay no attention or less attention to them until we are affected by it. Today we will tell you a story of an Instagram user from Nigeria (@smarcheechic) scammed by another online Instagram user named (

A picture of how it all started.

( is an Instagram page or company that sells designer clothes, shoes and bags online. The Instagram User ( claims to deliver goods to buyers from every part of the world and has advised them to send a DM or Direct Message to place orders.

Here is the private account and Instagram page of the online Instagram seller (

(@smarcheechic) a follower of the private account Instagram page and online Instagram seller (, decided last week to make order for two Channel slippers, Gucci wallet, complete set of Lacoste which includes a bag, a shoe wallet, and a perfume.

Here is a picture of one of the orders made by (@smarcheechic).

Initially the price for the goods (@smarcheechic) ordered was 40,000naira but after a discount and sale from the online Instagram seller ( it went for 25,000naira. (@smarcheechic) was told by the Instagram seller ( that she should make payment before the goods are been delivered, that her order will be delivered to her 24hrs after making payment.

(smarcheechic) the Instagram buyer was somewhat sceptical about making an upfront payment. But since the online Instagram seller ( convinced her that it is a trust worthy source she gave in and made payment.

(smarcheechic) the Instagram buyer said: “N I never wanted payment before delivery but he/she told me dey don’t disappoint dat dey deliver so I said won’t do dat lemme him deliver d one I ordered for den will buy d phone”

(smarcheechic) the Instagram buyer explained that her plan was to order for a phone but she decided to postpone it for a later time:(@smarcheechic) said: “order for goods on dia page last year he gave me a bum n account number to pay to was supposed to buy a phone too by told him dat won’t pay for d phone yet”

Proof of payment made by (smarcheechic) the Instagram buyer.

After (smarcheechic) the Instagram buyer made payment the online Instagram seller ( stopped replying her messages. (smarcheechic) said: “He stop replying to my dm n d number is off”

Here is another picture of the online Instagram seller ( replying (smarcheechic) before she made payment.

(smarcheechic) has reported that the bank she used for the money transfer named Fidelity has promised to help her work on how to refund the money. “Fidelity is working on refunding my money Dey need Police report n court order”

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