Meet the lady who could not get a job because of her weight

‘Shavonne Patrice Owens’ the lady who was unable to get a job because of her weight, even though she proved she could handle the work.

Shavonne Patrice Owens a lady from Chicago, Illinois told BBC about how after being laid off from her job at cable television provider Comcast, Shavonne Patrice Owens thought she had finally landed a new job last year at a child care centre in Huntsville, Alabama. A friend had recommended her to the child care centre, when she went for an interview, she was introduced to the children and staff.


She followed up with multiple phone calls but they were never returned. “I had worked in a day care centre before and was qualified for the position, but they told my friend they weren’t going to hire me because I was too big,” says Owens, who is nearly six feet tall and weighs more than 500lb (227kg).

During the interview, she had reassured them that despite her weight, she could easily sit on the floor and interact with the children but her request was declined.

Shavonne Patrice Owens still remains proud of herself and her body frequently seen using the hashtag IamKonfident on most of her social media page.


Shavonne Patrice Owens says: “#IamKonfident that I #love me and this #thickskin that I’m in. Some people will never understand how and why…some people will love you unconditionally no matter what. Some people will understand you and some won’t… Some people are not happy with the decisions they make, but they are responsible for the choices they make. Don’t let someone else’s misery make you miserable. If you don’t know what’s best for you, eventually you will figure it out and do what is necessary to be come the greatest version of you that you can be! Keep #smiling, living loving and learning!”

What most people think about obesity

In the West, people associate obesity with negative characteristics such as laziness, ugliness, stupidity, etc. These attitudes are increasing. Discriminating against someone because of their weight is legal in the United States.

The fat acceptance movement says that this is wrong and is a kind of prejudice called fatphobia. In some cultures obesity is viewed as positive. It is associated with wealth, beauty, and fertility. Westernization means that non-Western cultures are becoming more ‘fatphobic’ like the West.

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