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Meet with the McClure Twins trending over the internet

Meet with the McClure 3-year old identical twin girls trending over the internet.

Ava and Alexis McClure from West Orange in New Jersey, USA born to an Irish father Justin and a Nigeria mother Aminat are three year old identical twin girls with very different personalities. They are both very inquisitive and curious about the world around them.

The McClure Twins.

We all can remember the McClure Twins from the popular video’ One minute older’ when one of the twins Alexis realized her twin sister Ava is one minute older than her:

McClure parents says: “They are both very inquisitive and curious about the world around them. Ava has really taken on the “older” sister role and has stepped into the leader role among them. Lexi in toe has taken on the tag along “little” sister role. They love being with each other, but can also be the annoying siblings to one another. ”

In this video the twins realize they look alike, but then Alexis has a meltdown upon realizing Ava is 1-minute older…but THEN Ava has a meltdown because Alexis is taller!

Ava and Alexis parents says: “They have bond that we as their parents can not explain and truly love watching develop. They are currently in the princess phase so everything is about crowns and dresses/skirts.”

The McClure twins with their mother.

“Right now their future is just starting to take shape. We are doing the best we can to protect their image and let them be kids while managing all of the attention. We do not know what will happen for them, but we are confident that we have set them on a path for success in whatever they may choose.”

The McClure family

Ava and Alexis parents said: “We want them to be happy and to feel loved every moment of their life. We spend quality time with them and are present so they feel the attention and love. We plan to make sure the girls now both sides of who they are race wise. But for them to also understand how the world will likely view them as African-American and they should be proud of that. We want them to focus on developing a strength of character that makes them good people.”

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