MC Chaz Becomes the Brand Ambassador for GOCUTZ

Comedian MC Chaz is now the Brand Ambassador for GOCUTZ

Chaz Chiazo Ogbu popularly known as MC Chaz is a comedian and MC from Imo State, Nigeria he is a man of many faces and talents. MC Chaz who is also been referred to as (MC) master of ceremony is the Senior Reimbursement Counselor for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world by day and event host extraordinaire by night. On the 15th of November 2016 he became the Brand Ambassador for GOCUTZ.

MC CHAZ Brand Ambassador for GOCUTZ

MC Chaz says: “MC Chaz can’t keep Calm this morning!!!! Brand Ambassador for GOCUTZ!!! Who am I??? When you want to speak to God, be prepared and he will listen to you.. I speak things into existence with full preparations..”

MC Chaz Master of Ceremony
MC Chaz Master of Ceremony

“This small Port Harcourt boy is growing… just help me thank the LORD!!! I only asked that out comedy and motivational speech be appreciated and it was.. I’m grateful to my true fans.. more yet to come..”

More About MC Chaz

The Maryland, USA native MC Chaz hailing from Imo State, Nigeria has been entertaining the masses through his energetic and vibrant hosting skills since 2002. He started hosting events and engagements while pursuing a Microbiology degree at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra State. MC Chaz will you crack your ribs with his comedy video skits here is one of them:

As time progressed, the hungry and determined Nigerian knew it was time to move on to bigger and higher feats. In 2007, Chiazo popularly known as Chaz made his way to the United States and the rest of history is being written at this very moment.

Brand Ambassador for GOCUTZ

With more time one could no longer refer to Mr Ogbu as simply ”Chaz” anymore as he began to make a name for himself in the African entertainment industry in the diaspora. Regardless of hosting weddings or anniversaries, Emcee Chaz makes it his duty to ensure every event he hosts is a memorable one.

Hosting events in Texas, Florida, California, New York, Canada, Mexico and Nigeria, Emcee Chaz has traveled far and wide. He has travelled across country borders to bless his audience with his eccentric hosting skills.

Why MC Chaz is the Master of Ceremony

It’s doesn’t stop there!! Unlike many entertainers who seem to only perfect and flourish in one facet of the industry, Emcee Chaz has proven that his hosting skills is not limited.

Chaz took his talents, charm, and humor into the world of acting when he was cast as the main character in the upcoming Nollywood America comedy ”Wonderland” alongside with Nollywood/Ghollywood famous actor John Dumelo. The movie was directed and produced by renowned Nollywood producer George Kalu. Mr Kalu scouted Chaz after he watched a Facebook video of Chaz’s work.

Emcee Chaz also MC Chaz

Deeming him a ”raw and natural talent for the big screen”, Kalu contacted and gave Chaz an opportunity to prove himself and the rest was delivered as foreseen.

Although Chaz stands out as both a comedian and (MC) in an interview with Afrobeat Live he confirms that he is trying to make his line of business (Comedy) more of a profession;  MC Chaz says he prefers to be titled as Master of Ceremony with a humor.

Mr & Mrs Diprieye Lawson in their testimonial confirmed MC Chaz as Master of Ceremony: “Chaz was the MC at our wedding reception and he did an awesome job. He was funny, engaging and had the crowd laughing the entire night. He’s very pleasant to work with and anyone can see that he thoroughly enjoys his job. I would definitely recommend Chaz to anyone in need of a great MC for his/her event”

Emcee Chaz proving himself as the Master of Ceremony

Mrs Isi Aladejobi also called him (MC) Master of Ceremony: “Chaz did an incredible job at my wedding. People absolutely loved him! He’s so on point. He is caring, attentive, helps keep your wedding on time, pleasant, professional, timely and hilarious. He’s a complete package. I want to hire him for every single event I have for the rest of my life lol. My child’s first birthday party, I’m sure he will MC. My aunt asked if I flew him in from Nigeria lol. She couldn’t believe he was local and as talented as he was. Do not hesitate to book this guy. Call him immediately. He’s grown so much in popularity.”

When Emcee Chaz isn’t working, acting, or hosting, one can find him comfortably at home watching and analyzing movies. As we sit to review Chaz’s many accomplishments, we can not forget to make mention of his ultimate goal, which is using his abilities to bless others around the world. In 2017, Chaz plans to begin charitable efforts to assist vulnerable and excluded communities throughout the globe by helping provide basic essentials.

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