Man claims that his Apple iPhone 7 burnt and destroyed his car’s interior

An Australian surfer claims that his Apple iPhone 7 got burnt and destroyed his car’s interior after he went out for surf sessions

Mat Jones said he left his iPhone 7 under a pile of clothes inside his car before he went out to take surf lesson. When he was done, he went back to his car only to find the vehicle filled with smoke. His iPhone 7 has apparently overheated and burnt the car’s interior along with the owner’s pants. Maybe the beach heat that built up inside the vehicle was too much for the iPhone 7 to endure.

Jones told Yahoo7 News: “As I looked into my car, you could not see inside the car, like all the windows were just black,”

“Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you unwrapped the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it.” The incident left the Aussie surfer without a phone, a car and a pair of pants.

Apple is reportedly aware of what has happened. Apple is set to launch an investigation to determine the factors that led to its phone’s combustion. It will also try to rule out if the fire was elicited by a defective iPhone.


Phone batteries have tendencies to burn when broken, overcharged or overheated, but Jones says he did not use any third-party charger on his iPhone. He also claimed that he never once dropped his phone, which he bought just a week ago. The surf instructor insisted that the Apple smartphone was the source of the fire.

This isn’t the first time that an iPhone 7 has been involved with the issue. Apple already has received more than a couple of reports regarding its smartphones supposedly bursting into flames, but certainly not as frequent compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle.

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