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Little Boy Won’t Let Go of Police Gift After They Replace Stolen Ball

Te Kahu Hall a 6-year-old  was outside playing with his beloved red ball when it rolled into the street where a woman in a silver car stopped next to the toy, picked it up, and drove away. He lost faith in ever seeing his favorite ball again – at least before the local police force answered his poster asking for help.

However despite his dismay, he immediately started searching for his lost treasure, creating hand drawn posters with the ball’s picture and bringing them in to the Whanganui, New Zealand police station.

The boys in blue were so touched by the child’s plight, they made a Facebook post describing the predicament to their page’s followers.



The family was delighted by the reminders that they still lived in a kind community that looked after each other, even if it was only over a little lost toy. To cheer him up when the police were looking for his misplaced bought a green replacement ball for Te Kahu to cheer him up.

The boy was so ecstatic about the gift, he would only kick it around his yard for short periods of time because he didn’t want to dirty the precious present. Carrying it around night and day, Te Kahu insisted that he would never let it leave his sight, let alone get stolen.

The family was delighted by the reminders that they still lived in a kind community that looked after each other, even if it was only over a little lost toy.


Kids in Hong Kong Write and Fund Book For Charity in Just 4 Days

A group of kids ages 8-11 who spent their summer learning entrepreneurship skills in Hong Kong have written a book called How To Be A Good Babysitter in just four days.

After only three days of crowdfunding, the campaign, produced by the new Jumpstart Kids program, successfully raised 100% of its goal. With more funding, they’ll be able to start printing their more books and raise more money for the Hong Kong Dog Rescue, a charity that the kids selected for this project.

“We were quite surprised that by day 3 of the program the kids brainstormed 30+ book ideas, narrowed it down to one title and wrote most of it,” Yana Robbins, the founder of Jumpstart, says. “In the following sessions they continued writing, worked on the layout, learned about sourcing images, wrote sponsorship letters, cold called sponsors, conducted mock media interviews and had a passionate discussion about which charity they want to support.”

The 38-page book will be in English and Cantonese and filled with 60+ tips and illustrations on how to be a good babysitter. The book is meant to be an introduction for 7-10-year-olds on how how to play with the baby or toddler, what to do if they cry, and what they should and shouldn’t do, like always washing hands before handling the child.

Jumpstart Kids is a new program developed by Robbins’s Jumpstart Magazine, a print/online publication for startups in Hong Kong. The goal is to instill a confidence in kids to teach them that they can do anything and they can make a difference. They had so many amazing ideas. They brainstormed they researched they learnt all about handshakes.

The sale of their book has already been approved at eight Bookazine shops and its publication date is set for October 15, 2016.