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Get your excess luggage delivered from Ukraine and india to West Africa with Afribaggage

Get your excess luggage delivered from Ukraine and India to West Africa with Afribaggage at a very low cost.

Afribaggage is a logistic company dedicated to changing the way students get their excess luggage back home in a very cheap and reliable way. With Afribaggage you can now get your excess luggage delivered from Ukraine and India to West Africa at a very low cost.

See below for answers to some possible questions you might have for Afribaggage.

1. Tell us about the students who have used your services?

We had over a hundred plus students used our service and few went on our Facebook page to make a review, rate and give a feedback, although we had some theft case here in Nigeria we working on making sure such never repeats its-self. Generally we had a 94% success as all student got their luggage.

2. What can you say to convince our viewers that their goods are safe with your company?

Well, I believe action and results speaker better than empty voices, we have project and executed nicely, we have gotten feedbacks on our lapses and we improving on them.

3. How does the delivery of goods work (is it from Ukraine to any country in Africa or any country in the world)?

Here is how it works so we put a time-frame when students luggage would be collected, arrange, crated, re-packaged if needed, and we send them across to Nigeria. however we ship from ukraine to Nigeria , Ghana, Cameroon. soon we tend to get into countries in East Africa.

4. Does your company ships goods from Ukraine alone?

No but we hope to cover more countries as students Diaspora needs this services. We currently in Ukraine and India.

Below are some testimonials from students who have sent their goods back to Africa with Afribaggage.

Sly Mb Adams said: “I struggled to find a reliable company that would help me move some of my exceeded luggage.thankfully,i came across afri baggage.The online service is very easy and efficient.”

Vanessa Ekawu says: “luggage recieved in good condition. Thakyou”

To make use of Afri-baggage services you can contact Afri-baggage company in Ukraine on this number: +380-93-369-65-40 and in India: +91-984-0132140. Or you simply find the name ‘Afri-baggage’ on any social media of your choice. Have a great time sending your excess luggage back home.

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