My gains of living a real lifestyle by Comr. Ezekwu Prince-Precious K.

My gains of living a real lifestyle by Comr. Ezekwu Prince-Precious K.

Real people are always real like flowers/lilies at the stream shores that will always bloom no matter the hotness of the sun. But fake people are always fake and masked like politicians with two faces.

The word “politics” isn’t bad because it is usually used to refer one in government or any government parastatal, but due to the mismanagement of morals and ethics/norms from people in government, politics is now regarded as dirty and anyone who tends to be in government would be seen as two faced individual living in shadows.

Comr. Ezekwu Prince-Precious k.

Why do most of us live the lifestyle of politicians, cultural practices that is always based on lies and truths lacking merits. The unrelenting struggles we pass through in our everyday world has been abused severally due to portraying of false image of ourselves “living in our shadows”.

Everytime you stare at the world from one sided perspective, it seems to be a fun place full of life, love, beautiful in all aspect. When you look at it from the other end, it’s a world of agony and hatred, lack of human sympathy.

“I may not be perfect, but atleast I’m not fake. My gain comes from my way of life, from my passion, it comes from from my original self and not from the fake self of wrong beliefs and cultural practices that befits my human mind. Respect me, love me, care for me because of my true identity and not because I choose to deceive myself is the reason you care…….…..”- Comr. Ezekwu PPK.

Living a real life is the best, focusing on yourself alone, living your life alone without intimidation from the appearance of others is the best way to live.




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