Freeze on the number of private cars on Singapore roads

In a one of a kind announcement, Singapore government has vowed to bring down the private car growth in the country to zero by 2018. While there would be growth in the public transport segment having buses and goods vehicles, the government has vowed to bring down the growth of private cars and motorcycles to zero in what appears to be a big damage to the automobile industry there.

In order to circumvent the problem of traffic jams plaguing other Asian cities, Singapore had already put tough laws in place for a person wanting to buy a private vehicle. It is one of the most expensive places in the world to buy a car in as there are a fixed number of quotas on the sale of cars and a mandatory certificate of entitlement which has to be bought before buying a car. The certificate itself costs a hefty 50,000 Singaporean dollars which makes the overall cost of buying a car about four times more than that in the US.
The growth cap of passenger cars and motorcycles which was already set at a low of 0.25% per year has been further reduced to 0% from the next year. Although the government hasn’t defined a schedule or timetable for this action, it has clearly stated the growth in 2018, giving a clear indication to the automobile sector as well as individuals.
While the government is curbing down passenger vehicles, it is also investing in and improving the public transport system with a gradual increase in buses and other public vehicles, while the plans for a metro are also underway. So, it remains to be seen how the government would tackle the backlash that might come from the various groups as the transport system has often been criticised for a series of breakdowns.

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