Florida’s state governor says avoid the roads as Hurricane Irma approaches.

Florida’s state governor says avoid the roads as Hurricane Irma approaches.

Florida’s state governor has told residents ordered to leave their homes to go to shelters and avoid the roads as Hurricane Irma approaches. Rick Scott said it was now too late to drive away from the danger areas.

“The storm is here,” Gov. Rick Scott said Saturday morning, noting that the storm surge could reach 15 feet in some places. “Fifteen feet is devastating and will cover your house,” he said. “Do not think the storm is over when the wind slows down. The storm surge will rush in and it could kill you.”

Below is a live video from Washington Post about four cameras used in tracking Hurricane Irma:

After devastating several Caribbean islands, Irma is lashing Cuba with strong winds and heavy rain, and is due to make landfall in Florida on Sunday.

Close to 6.3 million people, calculated as more than 25% of the US state’s population, have been ordered to evacuate. The hurricane made landfall on the Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago, in Cuba’s north-east, late on Friday as a category five storm but has now weakened to a category three.

At least 20 people are so far known to have died as Hurricane Irma progressed across the Caribbean throughout the week.The hurricane was downgraded to Category 3 around 11 a.m. Saturday, with winds of 125 miles per hour, but was expected to strengthen again over Florida. About 6.3 million people in the state have been ordered to leave their homes.

Irma is expected to hit the coast at around lunchtime on Sunday, but the outer bands are already affecting the south of the state and central Miami is being lashed by heavy rain. The Florida Keys a chain of small islands to the southern part of Florida have also suffered some minor damage from Hurricane Irma.

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