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The first suya company in Ukraine ‘Gidan suya-suya’ is owned by a medical student

The first suya company in Ukraine ‘Gidan suya-suya’ is owned by a final year medical student of Kharkiv National Medical University.

The C.E.O of ‘Gidan suya-suya’ is Timothy Olorundare a young talented doctor and chef, an entrepreneur who is determined to leave a mark wherever he goes. Timothy is a 6th year medical student at Kharkov national medical university, he is from kogi state, Nigeria, but based in plateau state, Nigeria. He has managed to successfully combine medicine with his business.

The C.E.O of Gidan suya-suya saw a need. He did not just overlook this need. Rather, he looked for solutions to quench this need. He brought Nigeria to the doorsteps of foreigners and citizens of Ukraine. Here is what the ‘C.E.O of Gidan suya-suya’ said about the need he saw: “A wise man once said, “If you do not like something change it” as simple as that might sound, many of us see something that we do not like and instead of changing it. We learn to live to it.”

The C.E.O of Gidan suya-suya Timothy Olorundare further said that “All foreigners in Ukraine are away from home. However, the cravings of home have not and will never automatically disappear. We all crave for different types of food that you could have bought from the roadside in your local hometown. That local food place that you stroll to in the evening.”

The making of Gidan suya-suya.

“How about that spicy, peppery, brown crusty suya that the local mallam sells when the sun sets. I can just imagine the way your taste buds tingle as you watch the steam that comes from the delicious meat. The way you want every single piece that falls away. The way the mallam flips the meat around and cuts is so systematically while the aroma dances in your nostrils. I bet your mallam is “#saltbae” that has not gained international recognition. Do I have your attention?”

“I did not stimulate your salivary glands for no reason. You no longer have to wait for summer before you can get a taste of home. Alternatively, you do not have to travel to a country to get a taste of their food. Gidan suya-suya presents the best suya to you at your doorsteps in Ukraine.” He said.

“With many discount offers and affordable prices. You cannot miss this opportunity. It does not matter if this delicious delicacy is not from your country. If you are a foreigner in this land or a citizen of this land that houses many foreigners. It will only make sense to taste foreign delicacies while you have the chance.

Meet Timothy Olorundare.

The C.E.O of Gidan suya-suya says: “With efficiency, skill and timely delivery. You can only expect the best from our company. Like our page on Facebook “Gidan suya-suya house” for more updates and watering offers that will come to you. 0632023817 is the number to call to get this unique delicacy.”

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