First African Entertainment Show in Ukraine

First African entertainment show in Ukraine “A Moment With Madlyn”

“A Moment With Madlyn” is a talk show and the first African entertainment show in Ukraine. “A Moment With Madlyn” is definitely one of the best shows in Ukraine. It aims at appreciating ” African entertainers in Ukraine”.

A Moment With Madlyn features three different segments: The E-News Segment, the Basket of Luck Segment which carries the bulk of the show; In this segment of the show Magdaline interview’s her guest in order for viewers to get to know them more and the last segment is the Picture Cush Segment.

The Hostess Madlyn is not a comedian but she has that unique element of bringing life and fun to the show of which she wants the entire world to see.

Meet the Producer and Hostess of this amazing show

My name is Magdaline Nonkwia, I am the producer and hostess of “A Moment With Madlyn”. The show was shot and directed by “Jotshi Entertainment”. I am a Medical student at V.N. Karazin Kharkov National Medical University and I am from Ghana.

“A Moment With Madlyn” is the first African entertainment show in Ukraine it is definitely one of the best shows in Ukraine. It aims at appreciating African entertainers in Ukraine. We need to celebrate and appreciate them for not just entertaining us but for having the courage and strength to couple their social life with our demanding student’s life.


We have a bundle of diverse talents here amongst us students and it is only human if the whole world gets to see what we have got and do not forget that a talent shared is always a blessing. So this show is basically my little way of helping project our talents here in Ukraine to the world.

The content of “A Moment With Madlyn” also aims at putting smiles on my viewers’s faces, which I believe is a way of saying thank you for squeezing time out of your busy schedule to tune in here.

My love for showbiz started way back in Ghana when a friend of mine Dorcas Fumey Kafui asked me to join her in the studio at Radio Brong Ahafo Region for this Youth Talk Show after she had seen me debate for my High School Notre Dame Girls for the first and last time outside school because that was just some few weeks before my WAEC Exam in 2013.


I went, I saw, I loved it and I stayed. My interest and passion grew so much that I never missed a session. As a kid I wanted to be a Minister, First Lady, an Army Officer but here I am in Medical school today, time changes.

My passion to be the best TV Host the world has ever seen equally stands tall with me wanting to be a medical doctor. I know it won’t be so easy a journey but I trust for God to have given me such talent, he expects me to harness it and use it to my fullest potential.

I have something to offer and I bless His holy name for that. I am the happiest when I know I have a studio session and you can only imagine how joyous I am after a session. I thank God for giving me the best dad in the world, who understands me and is very supportive of this “other me”, I love you daddy.


I know of many young talents that never got the opportunity to be harnessed because their parents want them to be someone else and so they never got the chance to share their talents to the world. I can only be thankful to God that my parents are very supportive. I have got positive people around me and I appreciate each and everyone of them for their love and support.

The Show “A Moment With Madlyn” can only get better it is never going to be same content so watch out for more intriguing and mind blowing contents in the future.

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