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Emmanuel Soyombo (EmmyShotz) first African Photographer in Ukraine to put his pictures in a book called ‘portfolio’.

Emmanuel Soyombo (EmmyShotz) first African Photographer in Ukraine to put his pictures in a book called ‘portfolio’.

In our world today it is rare to see most photographers create a photography book of their own works. Well! A young medical student from Nigeria studying in Ukraine named ‘Emmanuel Soyombo’ recently did the extra-ordinary. Emmanuel also known as ‘EmmyShotz’ now has his photography book up for sale; the book contains a photo gallery of the amazing pictures he took.

Meet EmmyShotz.

When ‘EmmyShotz’ was asked about his book he said: “The book is basically a photo gallery. Kinda like a magazine without words 😀. Wanted people to interpret each from their own perspective. Wanted to showcase my art. Haven’t seen anyone do this kinda stuff around here so I wanted people to embrace art, creativity more. Especially black folks. Also an opportunity to try out something different and new. Want ppl to be able to relate with some of the images and also get some clients and more coins 💰 haha 😀”

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Sometime ago ‘EmmyShotz’ also said what photography meant to him: “Photography means different things to everyone, but for me, photography inspires me to show my talent and gain more ideas to make people smile. My audience are targeted to everyone and anyone; that way, I get to take pictures of diverse people and events.”

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“I started photography at first with the intention of just taking pictures for fun, but as I grew older, it became an hobbie of interest that I love. I am driven by the desire to document through image and video. And a lot of what I do is telling stories through images, cinematography. I aim to capture moments and inspire thoughts through my work; be it capturing elegant street fashions, capturing the art from events,photo sessions, video and lot more.”

“Many people wonder why I love photography, and then I ask them “why do people like posing for the camera?” or better still “why do you like posing for the camera?” The answer is because you love to see your beautiful self in a picture and to own one.”

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