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Dolapo Emerged as the Next MTN Projection

Dolapo Now Emerges the Next MTN Projection on MTN Project Fame.

Dolapo now the next MTN Projection was denied entry into the Project Fame Academy in June at her last audition for MTN Project Fame in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Though her vocal skills was not enough to get her into the Academy, her antics earned her a special invitation to be a part of the show. At the show Dolapo’s hilarious performance brighten it up and made it fun for the audience.

This Season 9 of Project fame Dolapo was officially called the next MTN Projection; she was given the rare privilege to perform before the excited studio audience who were thrilled by her rendition of ‘Scatter’, a song she wrote. At the end of her performance she was given a title as the next ‘MTN Projection’.

Dolapo says she has lived her dream which was to make it to the project fame stage and perform before their amazing audience

“Better recognize this face” Dolapo tells everyone while leaving the stage.

Project Fame also known as Project Fame West Africa or MTN Project Fame West Africa is a music talent TV reality show filmed in Lagos, Nigeria and aired in the West Africa.

It is a regional version of Star Academy reality series that was developed and is licensed worldwide by Endemol.

The show used to feature contestants from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, but Liberia and Sierra Leone have been dropped since the 2014 Ebola Outbreak. The show is broadcast by networks in these four countries and across the African continent.

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