Catalonia’s Independence: A new turn as Spain aims to remove top ministers.

Catalonia’s Independence: A new turn as Spain aims to remove top ministers.

The prime minister of Spain announced plans to take control of Spain’s separatist region by removing the Catalonia leaders. Mariano Rajoy stopped just short of dissolving the region’s parliament but laid out a new set of plans for removing the leaders of Catalonia and securing the region. While the measures are expected to be approved by the Senate in the next few days, the Speaker of the Catalan Parliament has already called it “de facto coup d’etat”.

The Speaker has protested by saying that the coup is in a member state of the European Union and if anything this authoritarian is carried out, it will lead to the demise of the democratically elected government. However, the steps come just 3 weeks after Catalonia passed a disputed referendum on independence. The vote for the separation was much debated in the Supreme Court, which ultimately called it unconstitutional and illegal as it hampers the fabric definition of the country.

A direct rule from Madrid has been opposed by many people who came out in Barcelona to protest the call. To this, Mr. Rajoy has said that the Catalan government’s actions had been in direct confrontation with the law and constitution, which required a direct rule to be imposed. The direct rule has been established via section 15 of the Spanish constitution which allows the state to establish direct rule in any of the semi-autonomous regions in case of any crisis.

The Catalan leaders, on the other hand, remain defiant and bent on enforcing what the Catalan people voted for. While people from all sides are calling the direct rule an attack on democracy and freedom, it remains to be seen how the anger of the Catalans will show in the coming few days. But both sides do wish for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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