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Application for the position of ‘Gemssblog Icon’ will close on the 31st of May

Application for the position of ‘Gemssblog Icon’ will close on Wednesday the 31st of May.

You can now apply for the position of ‘Gemssblog Icon’, the deadline to apply for ‘Gemssblog Icon’ is on Wednesday the 31st of May. The winner will be announced at Gemssblog anniversary celebration which will take place in Kharkov, city Ukraine on the 25th of June.

Red carpet for Gemssblog anniversary celebration starts by 4:00pm prompt, there is no gate fee for this event, entry to the event is completely free and everyone is invited. But limited seats are available for this event register for free here “” to get free and available seats.

A ‘Gemssblog Icon’ can also be called an ambassador for Gemssblog. Such a person will stand to represent the company at every point in time and will be in the position for just one year.

Gemssblog is a news and media website that shares up-to-date news and information about the world, tourism, fashion and several interesting news.

Gemssblog says: “This is going to something interesting, …to see the first ambassador for Gemssblog”

How to apply for ‘Gemssblog Icon’

You can send a request message to ‘Gemssblog’ page on all social media networks with any desired picture of you or leave a comment requesting to be one below.

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