The most recognised African hair-salon owner in Ukraine launches his ‘hair planet’ on his child’s dedication

The most recognised African hair-salon owner in Ukraine launches his new ‘hair planet’ on the 30th of April his child’s dedication.

Edy one of the most recognised hair-salon owners in Ukraine is set to launch his new ‘hair planet’ named ‘Edy Hair Planet’ on his child’s dedication. Edy used to run his hair salon business in Lugansk, Ukraine but after the prolonged crisis that started in Ukraine on the 21st of November 2013, he was forced to relocate from Lugansk to Kiev.

A view of Edy Hair Planet.

Since Edy is a determined and hard-working person, he decided never to allow the breakdown of Lugansk to stop his career. Edy has taken a bold step towards his dreams by recreating his hair salon in Kiev, Ukraine. This time he prefers to call it ‘Edy Hair Planet’ Planet meaning a salon any client both male and female can come in to get their face beautified and transformed.

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‘Edy Hair Planet’ offers services like perfect haircuts for male, female and kids, Afro Braids, Dreadlocks Fixing, fair Treatments, Bread Trim, sales of different hair Products, pedicure, manicure and much more.

“We take great pride in delivering precise and flawless haircuts. Our style team are highly skilled and work devotedly with you to ensure the style and look that you want is achieved every time.” The CEO of ‘Edy Hair Planet’ said.

Meet Edy the CEO of ‘Edy Hair Planet’.

“Every day we see a lot of different interesting people. All with one goal – to create a beautiful appearance and spend time in a good company. Musicians, entrepreneurs, fitness trainers, top managers, writers. And everyone has some interesting stories that they share.”

Edy began his career hair salon career at Lugansk, Ukraine, by offering quality hair services to his friends, hostel mates and the people around him.

Edy the CEO of ‘Edy Hair Planet’ never had the intention of starting a hair salon business, he thought he was coming to Ukraine to study as a student and do regular jobs at the same time. But things changed when he got to Ukraine his arrival in Ukraine made him realize that in Ukraine as a student you cannot work and you have to depend on most money from home, he was forced by the situation to put his hands to work after so much encouragement from his friends, he is now one of the most recognized hair-salon owners in Ukraine.

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