A Lady in Nigeria tells a story of how she was scammed by Instagram shop ‘fashion_jannah’

A Lady in Nigeria tells a story of how she was scammed by Instagram shop ‘fashion_jannah’.

@fashion_jannah is an online shop or page on Instagram that sells women’s clothing, shoes, bags and dresses, a lady named ‘@xannie_doll’ on Instagram last week was defrauded by this Instagram shop ‘@fashion_jannah’: @xannie_doll said: “I placed an order for items worth #7000(Seven Thousand Naira) and she told me she was going to deliver in 2(Two) days time.”

After making payment for the required items she needed from the shop ‘@xannie_doll’ was blocked by ‘@fashion_jannah’ and the items she ordered for were not delivered to her: “She gave me her account details to transfer the sum of #8200(Eight thousand two hundred naira) inclusive of the cost of delivery to Port Harcourt. I made the transfer immediately, ‘DMed’ her to confirm receipt and she did. Two days later, I tried to contact her to confirm delivery has been made only to realize that she has blocked me on Instagram.”

“I shared this experience with a friend, we decided she’ll contact her and pretend to buy stuff so as to get more information on her identity. She sent her a request on IG as planned. She was able to get her phone number and she called afterwards and spoke to her. This lady gave her the same account details she gave me and started following up on my friend to make payment for the ’20k’ bag she wanted. With this we came to a conclusion that she’s indeed a scammer.”

“I know I may have been a bit careless, but I must say that I checked her page, went through the comments and I didn’t see anything that suggested she could be a scammer. I have bought several items on Instagram through persons I don’t know and have never seen their faces even on Instagram and they delivered.”:’@xannie_doll’ said.

“I really don’t understand why someone wants to ruin other people’s business. I mean, people are genuinely making money through social media and someone out there wants to destroy this convenient means of buying & selling. Shopping online is not peculiar to Nigeria.”

“It works in other countries, albeit with fewer challenges. When issues like this happen and it’s reported to the police or relevant law enforcement agencies, they swing into action irrespective of the amount but not in our dear country.”

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