A Gas leak caused explosion and collapse of school building in Minneapolis this morning

A Gas leak caused explosion and collapse of school building in Minneapolis this morning.

The Minneapolis Fire Department confirmed that the explosion was caused by a gas leak and said contractors were doing construction on the gas lines at the time of the explosion. The fire has since been put out, police said. According to the fire department, the crews are searching for two unaccounted for people.

Tyner said authorities did not know whether the two unaccounted for people were students or staff members. Although School officials told KARE that all students were accounted for and the missing people were adults. Tyner also said that a third person who was initially reported as missing was found uninjured.

One father told ABC affiliate KSTP he was in the school counselor’s office ahead of the incident with his daughter and wife. He was grateful to God that he and his family survived the explosion even though, they came up with some few bruises: “Thanks the Lord, I had nothing on me, my wife got a couple of scratches, my daughter is scratched up a little bit, the counselor smart jumped under the desk while the building was falling, a few other staffs looked like they got injured or something like that, but it was pretty intense “: he said.

Three people are in critical condition and four are in serious condition, hospital officials said. Two others who came to the hospital were treated and released, officials said. The school said this afternoon that all summer program students and staff are accounted for and safe. Authorities also added that it was fortunate that this incident did not occur during the school year, while students were in class.

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