5 things Successful and great people in this world say with actions or in their words

Here are some 5 things Successful and great people say either with their actions or in their words.

Successful and great people in our world today or in times past speak a lot, sometimes we often hear them speak and other times we don’t. But they speak with their actions, words or with both their actions and their words.

Most times we see their accomplishments but we forget their hard-works and the pain they go through just to get to where they are. Every time the outcome of their success shows that they are either working or talking.

Successful and great people usually say these five things in their words or actions. Well, maybe not all of them but most of them do:

1. I Can Never Give Up.

Yes! They say this either with their determination and persistence in what they do, or with their words of encouragement to others. Their failure to never give up on what they have been called for is one of those things they say in their actions and words.

2. I Know What I Want And I am going for it.

When they face troubles and trials, their focus is not always on their challenges, but on where they are going to and what they want. Yes! Successful and great people in our world today know what they want and where they are going in life.

3. Although I might fail but I am not discouraged.

They usually say this with their actions or in their words. They don’t feel discouraged because they failed the first time, instead they rise up and press to do something better, than what led them to fail.

4. Lord, I Cannot do this alone. I need your help.

Yes! Maybe not all successful and great people in this world today pray or believe in God, but most of them believe and know that they cannot become successful on their own without the grace of God. Most of them know that when they put God in their hard-work and determination they will always end up becoming a success.

5. I will give this to get that.

They sacrifice their present pleasures to get what they want. They are good investors, sometimes they sacrifice or invest their time, money, ideas and many more into something they know will benefit them ten times or many times more than their current state.

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