5 solid reasons why great people never give up on their dreams

5 solid reasons why great people never give up on their dreams.

1. A great person is a Fighter.

What are your biggest fears? Your biggest pain and troubles, what are they? If you have an answer to them and you look deeper into them, you will find out that they are teaching you to be a better person or shaping you to be a better and greater person. That is the reason why you should never give up, because what ever it is that wants to make you give up, wants to make you greater.

2. A great person has the will to serve.

Many people give up their dreams, their ambitions and aspirations in life because they are not ready to serve. They are too proud to belittle themselves to get to the top. They want to wake up one morning have dreams, desire them and immediately get to the top they don’t want to serve others, they don’t want to climb to the top, they want to only appear at the top just like that. “Matthew 20:26: New International Version (NIV) 26 Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,..”. If you not patient enough to serve or you are not humble enough to get to the top, you will give up easily and quickly.

3. A great person can identify the right voice.

A great person does not listen to what everybody say about his vision, he or she is able to identify the right advise from people around him concerning his vision. Not everyone around you like the fact that you have big dreams, some even look down on you thinking that your dreams are too big and that you cannot accomplish nothing. Most of them from their bitter and dark minds will give you wrong advises to terminate your vision. A great person knows what he or she wants. He allows God to be his or her light and follows only the right advises from people concerning his vision. They listen to people who encourage and inspire them concerning their vision in life.

4. A great person is passionate.

A great person is passionate about what he does. He or she worries less about the money, great people don’t do what they do because of the money instead they do it because they are passionate about it. That is why they find it hard to give up on their dreams, vision, aspiration because they don’t care really about the interest they will get from it.

5. Great people make up their minds never to give up.

Come rain, come shine great people have told themselves never to give up on their dreams. And never to look back at their failures, but always to look forward at the great possibilities that awaits them ahead. If you know what you want go for it, as long as it aligns with God’s plan or purpose for your life, you will succeed in it. Keep moving you are heading towards greatness.

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